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    My fiance and I are wanting to wed at the Couples Negril resort May 2011. We plan to send out information packets from our travel agent and let our friends and family know that we feel "the more the merrier" and they can contact our agent to book if they wish. My question is what about those family members who are not married or in a the fact that its a resort aimed towards couples going to be a problem. Do you have to have a significant other with you to stay at the resort?

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    You do not have to, but all rooms have king size beds only... No cots. Would two of your guests be comfortable sharing a bed? Otherwise, they wull need to pay the full room price and stay alone.

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    From the Wedding FAQs:

    I have single friends and family members who want to attend my wedding. Can they stay at Couples?

    We understand how important your wedding is to you. However, in order to maintain the ambience of our couples only resorts, we must limit the number of singles attending a wedding. First, a group contract must be issued by Couples Resorts. A group is comprised of at least 10 paying rooms. For this size group, we will allow one single room. For groups of 20 rooms or more, a maximum of 5% of the group may be single persons. In all cases, all rooms must be paid at the double occupancy rate (i.e., there is no single occupancy discount). The alternative to this policy is for your single friends and family members to stay at a nearby resort. Subject to approval by the Couples Resort General Manager, they may purchase a day pass in order to share in your special moment.
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    I got married in October at CTI, and was also the trave agent. I had three rooms that had single guests, my brother shared a room, my maid of honor and a friend shared a room, and my aunt was solo. They didn't have problems sharing the bed. There wasn't a problem with them being single at the resort, for most of the time we were in group mode anyway. And the ambiance at the resort was friendly so they didn't feel threatened or as if they were intruding or impeding on someone else. I think they don't have a problem with it as long as the singles mind their P's & Q's and use sound judgement.

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