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    Default Difference Between Couples Jamaican Resorts

    Looking at booking at a Couples resort in Jamaica. Can someone help me with the difference between each one. There will be four of us going, (2 couples) Looking for Night Life, beach wedding renewal, fun water sports, ie, jetskis, sailing, scuba, etc.

    Very confusing looking at website trying to determine which is the best to stay at for what we're looking for.

    Thanks for help and advice

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    Scuba: All resort have it, depending in how you talk what resort is the best.

    Night Life all offer it

    Beach wedding renewal: all offer it

    Jetskis: Only at CN/CSA can you rent them.

    Sailing:Cat cruise - CTI, CSA, CN. Not offered or included at CSS.

    Sailing: Hobby Cat - I think all the resorts have them.
    Irie Mon

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    CN - compact on 2 miles of 7 mile beach called Bloody Bay. There are three other resorts on the beach and a few vendors. The resort has a huge pool with a swim up bar. The resort has a bohemian feel to it and is very laid back. CN has a AN beach area.

    CSA - is more spread out than CN. It is located on 5 miles of 7 mile beach on a portion called Long Bay. The beach is filled with lots of hotels, restaurants, bars, and vendors. The beach is really fun to walk. There is no AN option at CSA. The resort has the best sports facility in the Caribbean. The resort also has a fabulous piano player.

    CTI - is located on a private beach. The resort has it's own private nude island. The resort is very compact and similar to a high rise hotel.

    CSS - is the most spread out of the resorts and has the fewest rooms. The place is incredibly romantic. It is set on it's on private beach and has a separate private beach and pool for AN. The grounds are lush and georgeous.

    All resorts have water sports included, great food, and excellent staff. You really can't go wrong. I would suggest you decide if the beach is important to you. If so, choose one of the Negril resorts. Otherwise the Ocho Rios side might be good for you. Continue to read the MB and all the reviews and eventually one of the resorts will speak to you and you will know where to go.

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    I agree with most of what coloradojuli states except the high rise feel of CTI.... while it has one of the smaller beaches... the rooms themselves are newly renovated and the tallest building is 5 stories tall I think the night life is really up to you to make the most of it... there is always something going on... dancing... piano bar sing along... we have been to CTI 10 times and CSS 1x.. this year we are finally going to the other side to check out CN and CSA then to CTI for 10 days.... you cant go wrong with any of the choices though... if you are into AN CSS or CTI have really great AN facilities...

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    Juli, you have CSS mentioned twice... I think we'll all know what you mean but a newbie wouldn't. FYI to those, the first CSS she mentions is the description for CSA.

    Nice job on describing the differences Juli!

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    Coloradojuli has done a fine job in describing all 4 Couples resorts. You'll find that CN and CSA are more "lively" and offer the most gorgeous white sand beaches...though they are public (meaning people from other resorts (and peddlers) can travel across Couples' beach but must stay down by the waterline and can't actually come up onto Couples property) with comparison to CTI and CSS which have private beaches. Not only are the beaches beautiful on the Negril side but the sunsets are like something you've seen in the movies (breathtaking). There's more beachline at CSA which gives you more choices of where to have that wedding vow renewal. Just keep looking at pictures and researching the resorts and one will just grab you. The best thing is that there's no such thing as a bad Couples resort so no matter which one you go with you're going to have the time of your life.

    Hope this helps!

    Bart & Bug

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    Rubigal04-tThanks for pointing out my mistake. I have fixed it.

    Scottnkim-perhaps I should have been more clear on my description of CTI, but the way you enter the lobby and use the elevator to get to the room, it reminds me of a high-rise hotel. All the other resorts have separate unattached buildings where there are stairs to the rooms and the different venues are more spread out around the resort unlike CTI where all but Bayside are in the same building.
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