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    We're getting married on July 5th at CSA on the beach at 11:00!!! I tried to insert a pic of us from our trip to CSA in 2010 if you're there in July stop by for a drink!!
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    Congratulations! I'm not sure if you remember us but we shared a drink with you both at the martinin bar last July. We also got married at 11:00 at CSA and it was perfect! We are excited for you, we wish you the best!

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    Deb and Quen- Congratulations I hope you can post photo's after wards!

    Great Photo by the way!

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    I do remember you guys!!! How are you?? Will you guys be there this July?

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    thanks sarahdc123! We will post pics after the wedding

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    We are going to be there in two weeks and I am thinking of a summer trip but not sure right now. It maybe a good surprise for the hubby.

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    I would love to be there right now!! I'm so tired of the snow!!!! I need a break!!

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