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    Hi, we are returning to CSS in March, and have booked a Penthouse Suite. Can anyone,who has stayed in a Penthouse Suite at CSS inform us what to expect from this room category. Many thanks and are counting the days!!!

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    david d - You can expect the best room that Couples Sans Souci has to offer, with amazing views and that large balcony! Send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you some more information about the penthouse suites, and pictures of the room we had.

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    We stayed in a Penthouse both times we went to CSS, in '08 & '09.
    We had friends that stayed in a beachfront suite so we were able to check those out too. The Penthouse at CSS does not really cost that much more and IMO are the way to go. In '08 we stayed in E-10 and in '09, D-14. Both have the most incredible views you can ever see. D-14 was, by far, our favorite of the 2 though. The balcony was much larger (not that E was small) and it had a second half bath(not a big deal either, but nice). The biggest difference to us was the size of the bathrooms.
    E building has rather small bathrooms and only one person at a time can fit in them. D building had a huge bathroom with a huge walk in shower that could accommodate a small group of people lol.
    The layout of D is also much better. The bedroom in E is at the rear and in D it was right next to the French doors leading to the balcony. There was also a set of French doors in the living area which is a separate room. I don't know about the other buildings Penthouses but I'm sure someone will post on those. You made a good choice getting one and you will be happy no matter what building you end up in. Keep in mind, as Randymon has pointed out many times on this board, you can't request a specific room but if you end up in D-14, you'll never want to leave!!
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    You won't be disappointed!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Hi David, good to see another Maritimer on the board,
    We stayed at CSS in Dec for our 25th anniversary and booked a penthouse suite to celebrate. We were in D 14 the Steve McQueen suite and it was wonderful. The suite consisted of a full living room with couch and a couple of chairs, a small table and a cabinet that housed the mini bar and fridge., the mini bar comes with 4 full 750ml bottles of liquor and an order sheet so that you can get anything else that you want for your bar, oh there was a flat screen tv on the cabinet as well but it never saw any use as usual. The suite also had a large bedroom and washroom with a walk in shower that measured 7’ by 5’ complete with a bench to sit on. There was also a half bath by the main entry that we hardly used. Both the living room and bedroom had access to the large balcony via double French doors. The balcony was about 8’ by 25’ and had two lounge chairs and a table and two regular chairs and a smaller table. We really enjoyed having breakfast on the balcony and then taking the carafe of coffee and leftover pastries to the beach for a mid morning snack. The room had a great view of the main beach and the lawn along with two of the restaurants and A&B block. We found the location of D block to be great as it is central to the resort and makes for a shortl walk to every where’s that we wanted to go.
    I have attached a link to our pictures which will do a better job of showing the beauty for the resort then my write up ever can.

    David and Jeanette
    FONT="Verdana"]David and Jeanette, Nova Scotia[/FONT][/FONT]

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    Default Hi old friends!

    David and Jeanette,
    It was so nice to see familiar faces! Happy belated 25th.Sorry we missed you this year. We will be home on Sunday Jan 9th. Can't wait! We will celebrating our 36th, a few days late, but still in Jamaica! Wow where does time go? We celebrated our 35th there last year. It was great. All the staff were wonderful to us. That's what keeps us going back. (This will make #11)
    Again, good to here from you.
    Teresa & Tom
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