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    Default CN - Garden Suite vs. Deluxe Ocean/Beachfront

    Hi all! We are a couple getting married in May and honeymooning afterward in Jamaica. We quickly decided on Couples for an AI resort after comparing the options and seeing all the rave reviews of these places! We finally decided that Couples Negril would be the best option for us, but unfortunately our first choice for a room, a Beachfront Suite, is not available for our dates.

    So we keep going back and forth as to whether we want the ocean view badly enough to forgo the suite amenities, or vice versa, as Garden Suite, Deluxe Ocean, and Deluxe Beachfront are the available choices (we don't want to be on the first floor - are all Deluxe beachfronts on ground/beach level?).

    We would love to be able to sit on the balcony and watch the sunset and see the ocean, hear the waves crash etc (although we understand that none of the rooms are truly oceanfront). But just as much, we'd love to have a jacuzzi in our room and have the extra space and service of the suite. It will be our honeymoon after all, so we do plan on spending some time in there .

    We can't decide if we should book a Deluxe Ocean (if Beachfront = ground floor) or a Garden Suite. For what it's worth, we are getting married on the beach in southwest Florida the week before so we will have already spent several days in an oceanview suite on the Gulf Coast.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions as to which room we might enjoy more!

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    Default Suite is a must for a honeymoon !

    my perspective on your situation is quite simple - go for a garden suite, we do every time. In buildings 8 or 9 you are guaranteed a partial ocean view, 9201 and 8307 for sure and you will have so much more space, your balcony with hammock and your huge bathroom with jacuzzi, which you will not get in an ocean or beachfront room. you can see the beach from blocks 8 and 9 and the suite is so worth paying the extra. we can not go back now (which we do every year) without being in a garden suite. it will make your holiday extra special as those extras are so worth it. have a wonderful time, we are going back for our 5th trip in 4 weeks' time, got married in the gardens in 2008 and will no doubt in years to come have our vows renewed in the same spot.

    Helen Bennett (UK)

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    It sounds like you would love a Garden Suite. The Deluxe Ocean rooms are a way back from the water. The Garden view rooms are really very tropical and romantic. Since you spend a lot of time on the beach, it's kind of cool to come back to the lush vegetation around your garden room. The Beachfront rooms are very basic and exactly like the oceanview and gardenview. You can get an upper floor beachfront and we have stayed in them but we never felt like it was really beachfront. We now save the money and stay in gardenview and love it. Since it's your honeymoon and you can afford it, go for the Gardenview Suite.

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    Thank you Helen and JimnMariann! You guys are right on the money and that's a great point about returning to lush vegetation after being on the beach all day. We strongly considered the CSS resort for the lush tropical feel of it, so that is an aspect that we will really enjoy. I was leaning towards the Garden Suite too and you both confirmed that it is the right decision for us.

    Thanks again!

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