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    I've noticed several people that are booking Wednesday to Wednesday trips. My wife and I are making our first trip ever to Couples in June (CSS). I currently have us booked Saturday to Saturday. Is there a reason people are going Wed. to Wed. and should I consider changing my arrival/departure days?
    Thanks! Jay

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    We always use my frequent flier miles for our flights to Jamaica. Boy, you take what they give you when you are trying to book a flight. Leaving midweek is sometimes the only option, as the weekend flights book up fast for those trying to use FF points.

    Also, midweek flights in general are less expensive than leaving on a weekend.

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    Due to its sometimes cheaper and the Wednesday deals they come up with. PLus on a SIDE note, you want to make the repeaters dinner on Mondays and Beach party on Fridays so most people start in middle of week.

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    Flights are often more expensive on the high travel days, plus the flights fill up faster. I usually try to fly on Tue, Wed or Thur. Saturday is often a slow day because people want to travel for the weekend or for the work week and Saturday is right in the middle of the weekend.

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    Thanks for the responses. I will keep those reasons in mind for my next trip. I don't have any FF miles to use and this is our 1st trip to Couples (no repeaters dinner) so I'll probably keep the dates the same this trip. Thanks again!

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    We do it mid week because it's cheaper and the airports/customs are less busy. If you want to change it and can, free of charge, then I'd recommend it. Otherwise just except a little more time to get through your flight.

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    it seems to me that MOST people do travel Sat - Sat. Last trip we arrived on Friday and left the following Sat. At this time we are booked for next Dec Sat - Sat but havbe been talking about adding a day and leaving on Fri for CN. The plane was much less crowded, the airport at Jamaica and US were much less crowded. Coming home, the plane was FULL.

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    We travel Tuesday to Tuesday because we like to take Monday off work to pack and get ready then we leave in the afternoon to go up to a hotel near the airport and have dinner and do a little last minute shopping for books or whatever then kick back and watch Monday night football. Also, as someone else mentioned the weekday flights are usually cheaper than weekends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janeinpenn View Post
    Due to its sometimes cheaper and the Wednesday deals they come up with. PLus on a SIDE note, you want to make the repeaters dinner on Mondays and Beach party on Fridays so most people start in middle of week.
    At CSS, the Repeater's Dinner is on Thursday, the Beach Party is on Tuesday and the Starlight Gala is on Friday.
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    We used to travel mid week for two reasons, first was we were using FF miles, 2nd because we travel over the 4th of July week and my hubby would have a "floating vacation day". I am a teacher, so I am out and it makes no difference. Then we booked without FF miles and it was cheaper midweek. NOW, no FF miles, no floating vacation day, so we travel Sat-Sat. As for the airports being busy, we got in at 10:30 last year and buzzed right through the airport. No back ups or anything. Luckily, after 9 trips we kind of know what to do, so we just moved through the airport very quickly, not feeling the need to "take it all in" as we could do that once we got through immigration and customs. Our luggage was still waiting for us when we got to baggage claim.

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    We travel mid-week to stay away from the crazy crowds on the weekends. We find the airport much more sane during the week, plus tickets are usually less expensive if you fly during the week.
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    depending on where you are flying from, Saturday to Saturday actually works best. We are from Detroit and can get a direct flight but only on Saturdays. That works particularly well for buying booze at the duty free! And depending on the resort, they have been switching up what night the beach party is etc...always check under activities and that should help you as well!

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    Sometimes it can depend on the airline. I don't know what it is now, but in the past Sun Country used to run direct flights from Minneapolis only on Wednesdays.

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    We r traveling Sun-Sun. I don't think it really make a difference, IMO. In Chicago it depends on the time of year, the weather and if there r any holidays. I have traveled on all days of the week and I find it busier when it's close to a holiday, spring break and spring/summer. I have been watching flights. Leaving from Chicago to Montego Bay is not that much cheaper to leave on a weekday about $20 and I wouldn't go through any hassle of changing my reservation to save $20. Remember this is just my opinion.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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