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    Well me and the fiance' will arrive sunday evening for our honey moon. I have four swimsuit sets, 2 nice outfits for dinner and two casual wear outfits. Im affraid i may be underpacked, but im thinking i will be in swimwear most of the days. Should i be packing more casual wear?



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    HI Chris;

    You may be underpacked. How long are you there for? We leave Tuesday for a 2 week vacation and I packed 10 dresses,9 bikinis and 6 coverups. I think I am overpacked! I would throw in at least 1 more dress and 1 more bikini if I were you.

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    It depends on how long you are staying and if you are doing any off site excursions. We go for 10 days and I bring a few swimsuits, sundresses for evenings, a couple pair of shorts and shirts and workout clothes. We do not usually leave the resort except for walks on the beach everyday so I don't need much in the casual wear dept. I am in a swim suit all day and then a sundress at night. I do bring a wrap for evenings. Hope that helps. Have a wonderful trip! We leave in 30 days!!!


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    Me being a man I would say you are doing fine. Most people WAAAAAAAaaaayyyy over pack. My wife and I can pack in carry-on only for a 7 day trip with no problem.

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    How many days will you be there? I find that the laundry tends to stink after you use it or it gets wet because you can't really hang things to dry. You can hang them but they stay damp for a long time due to the humidity, which causes a sour smell. Washing something out by hand and then hanging it will take days to dry, even when it is windy. If something is just a little damp it might dry overnight. It depends on the weather too. When we were at CSA in April it did not rain once, not even a small shower, so it was VERY humid the whole time. Nothing dried and everything stunk by the time we left. In Oct it did rain a few times so overall it was not as humid and on the dry days I could get very light clothing and swim suits to dry on the balcony.

    I bring a shirt for each day plus a few nice outfits and about 5-7 shorts for a week long trip. I always use all of it. There is a laundry service but it took days for my husband to get his socks back because they couldn't find them. I bring 3-4 coverups or beach dresses for when we do basket weaving classes or eat lunch. We are in our swimming suits most of the day but not in the evening. It's hot and muggy down there even at night sometimes. It's cooler at night but you might still get sweaty.

    I bring a bunch of suits. I wash them off in the shower when I get back from the beach. I ring them out really well and hang them. Sometimes they will dry by the next day and sometimes they won't. If they start to stink I retire that one for the rest of the trip. If you have one that is damp for a while but isn't smelling too sour you can always jump in a chlorinated pool for a while.

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    Hi. No you didnt. I overpack everytime. I wear mostly swimsuits and coverups everyday. Not sure what resort you are going to so that would help let you know what to bring for the places to eat, but usually I only bring maybe 3 sundresses. Flip flops for almost everyday and nice sandals. SUNSCREEN and BUG STUFF is a must.

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    You are just right in your packing. I assume you are going for about a week. If anything, I would say another casual wear or two, but that is truly a personal preference kind of thing. You are correct in the fact that most of the time is spent in swimwear. I take 7-8 suits and we stay for 10 - 11 days. The short amount of time you spend in casual and dress wear in the evenings allows you to nicely hang the clothes at the end of the evening and re-wear them if needed.

    A little tip if you want it...... I always take several extra T-shirts (nice ones) which I then leave with the guys that work at the resort. I try to take ones that have some connection to where I live....they LOVE them.
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    It all depends on how long you're going to be there. We usually go there with about the same items you're listing for a 7 day stay. We spend a lot of our time in swim suits with an occasional change into relaxed clothing (shirt and shorts). The only time we get "dressed up" is for dinner which is usually casual unless eating where dinner dress is a little more formal. The nice part is if you feel you need more you can either buy something on the shopping trip or at the resort store.

    Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon!

    Bart & Bug

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    How many days are you staying?

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    If all you plan on doing is just laying on the beach then I think your fine. But I'm going in April and I'm bring one pair of gym clothes and sneakers for gym. And because I want to participate in some off resort excursion I'm going to bring some tank tops and shorts.

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    Sounds fine...enjoy!

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    I typically take a bathing suit for each full day we're there, 2-3 coverups as well as shorts to wear over the bathing suits during lunch and walking around the resort during the day, and a different dress/outfit for each evening, plus I pack 1-2 workout outfits. Sometimes I'll pack one skort that works with two different tops, instead of a dress, for evening wear. I also wear running shoes on the plane and pack a bikini/flip flops in my carry-on in case our luggage is delayed.

    My husband and I always pack 1/2 of our bathing suits/clothing/shoes in each other's suitcase so that if one is delayed, we both have suitable clothes for a few days.

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    I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the packing dilemma as well. I've never done all inclusive and never done just a week. My only vacations were 2 weeks in Italy and 4 weeks in Greece.

    I'm staying at CTI and so far I have:

    3 bikini (perhaps I need one more?)
    3 pants (2 khaki, 1 denim)
    3 skirts (2 prints, 1 brown jersey)
    2 shorts (one short, one knee length)
    2 dresses (brown jersey, strapless "date" dress)
    6 tops (tank top, blouse, halter, tunic, etc)
    3 tee (to sleep in)
    4 pairs of shoes (gladiators, flip flops, sneakers, wedge sandals)

    I leave in 2 weeks. I'm sure this list will be modified several times between now and then.

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