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    Default April 10-17th anyone up for a YS falls trip?

    Second time back to CSA and I am definitly up for a YS falls trip if anyone else is wanting to go as well. We are a couple in our early 30's from WI. Rates go down with groups if anyone is interested let us know CAN'T WAIT AND COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS ALREADY! LOL

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    My husband and I talked about YS Falls a few weeks ago... we might be interested. We will be there April 8-15th. I thought I read someplace that there was a chance it could be closed when we are there, so I was going to look into it when I had a chance.
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    Actually mayfield looks actually walk in the river up to the falls. I have spoken with Sienna at TOTT and we are in the process of throwing something together. So either YS or Mayfield for that week, if you are interested we will be there

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    How far away is Mayfield vs. YS?

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    mayfield is about 1.5hrs as opposed to a little over 2 like YS.

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