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    Default just back from AI in mex. CSA is truely special

    we went to jamaica and CSA last month for the first time. it was our first AI. we knew it was special while we were there but had no idea. we just returned from an AI in cancun and all i can say is CSA is truely special. it really sucked how we constantly compared everything to CSA.

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    We did the same thing last year when my hubby and I visited El Dorado Royal in Playa last year...we just kept comparing it to CSA and it NEVER lived up in ALL aspects.

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    We were at the GPLH and breezers in Jamacia, a Palace resort in Myan Riveria and they don't even come close to CSA.

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    I keep trying to find Resorts that offer as much quality and details as Couples and I'm failing miserably. So I just Im going to stick to couples for the rest of our lives.

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    We went to an adult AI in the Dominican Republic a year after our first visit to CSA. I'm glad we went, because now we know that we will never stray from Couples again for our winter vacation. While the DR resort was beautiful, and the staff was very nice, there were a lot of adult singles there that completely ruined the romantic vibe.

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