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    Default Romance Rewards - Updates to be announced soon.

    Greetings to all:

    Due to the fact that guests book through different sources, ie travel agents and tour operators, and all systems do not communicate with each other, it is impossible for us to know that a Romance Rewards member is arriving to one of our resorts...

    UNLESS you complete the pre-checkin form located at

    As we prepare to announce new enhancements to our Romance Rewards program on or before January 31, please be advised you that you MUST complete the pre-checkin form to be assured of receiving any and all on property benefits.

    Please be guided accordingly and thank you all for your continued loyalty.

    Couples Resorts

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    Default Rewards Problem

    I have made several attempts to do the "contact us" for romance rewards and havent received a response. It has been SEVERAL weeks since my first attempt.

    Can you please send me and email address so I can contact someone directly about my problem.



    Please email me directly

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    Hi Randy, I completed this online but received no confirmation. Should I have got a confirmation from you? It also doesn't show up on our account. This is our first trip so I know that we are not entitled to anything for this trip, but thought maybe we still had to register our first visit so this could be added to our account. Can you confirm please?

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    Sounds good Randy. We are at CSA from Feb. 5-15 for the 4th year in a row so I am anxious to hear about the new enhancements.


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    Hi Randy;

    I am disappointed to hear the changes won't happen until we are back from our trip. Oh well, just something else to look forward to for next year!

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    I have preregistered as I alwasy do but have heard there have been some problems with the system. Is there anyway to tell if I am all set?



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    How far in advance are you able to pre check in? We arrive at CSA April 5th.

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    I cut and paste to my email and print it out and bring it with me to check in. Last time there was no record so this helped.

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    Is there a cutoff for pre-checkin? I have done it on all our trips but always have problems with receiving the benefits. The first time I tried many times prior our trip but the website would always timeout when I was logging in. I wasn't able to complete it until the day that we left. Other than that time I do it 3-4 days in advance. Maybe I am timing it wrong?

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    I have found that the pre-check-in doesn't work very well. We either get the wrong thing, wrong size or get nothing at all and have to make a call to the front desk. I think zaraforty is right. Cut and paste so you have a record.

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    Waiting patiently for announcement. Thank you Randymon.


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    yes how far in advance must this be done we arrive April 23rd.
    Erika & Sean

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    Looking forward to see what the changes are going to be.

    We checked in about a month before we arrived last year and everything went as smooth as glass.

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    We booked a SR vacation for March. I noticed that the pre-checkin does not list the SR as an option. Will it be too late to do it within a week of departing?

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    Hey Randy,
    We have been to CSA 18 times. Since you are looking into changing the Romance Rewards Program I would suggest that you create additional categories for guest that have come 10+, and then 20+ times. I would suggest that both those categories should include possibly a free night or more significant spa services than just the 1/2 hour. All those guests that have returned 10+ and 20+ have shown significant loyalty and have spent significant money with the resort.

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    Randy - I completed the pre-checkin and also noted that a confirmation was not printable or emailed. I was wondering if you were going to impliment some sort of confirmation?
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    Default Rewards

    I see from the posting the announcement will be made around January 31st. I was wondering when the new program will take effect. Does anyone know?


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    We are arriving at CSA on Feb. 5 so I am anxiously awaiting this announcemnt. I heard it won't start until 2/14 so I am wondering if we aren't leaving CSA until 2/15 if it will apply to us.

    Please hurry Randy!!


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    Default Comunication difficulties for Rewards

    I am posting this on behalf of my son

    I have sent a couple of emails from the Romance Rewards part of the website but did not receive a reply and I remembered seeing something on the message board from someone else who had a problem and you gave them this email, but i still did not get a reply maybe because i am sending from the UK.
    can you help

    My Guest No is 00018542 Gary Paterson
    At the moment I am on Renewed Love with 14 nights allocated but the 10 nights I spent at Tower Isle in July 2009 are on my account have not been allocated to the total.
    Is it possible for these to be allocated for me so I am up to Passionate Level.
    I have booked 14 nights @ Tower Isle for June and want to be at the correct level.

    I hope this is ok and look forward to being part of the Couples family again in June.

    Kind Regards

    Gary Paterson

    You can reply to

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    I'm not sure if this is because of the pending enhancements to the Romance Rewards program and the pre-check in form, but we just received an email with a link to our confirmation page that contains information about our trip. It also recommends (strongly) printing the page.

    It has all the information similar to what documents might have when booking through a travel agent. In the past some people have posted about issues at check in and being frustrated that they didn't have such documentation (b/c they booked directly through Couples).

    We did book completely through the Couples website this time though, so that may have been the reason for the difference (in the past when booking through Couples we always had to call to book for various reasons and therefore did not have any documentation).

    Anyway it is a nice addition and may help some guests with issues.

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    I was so hoping to check the message board today 1/31 and find out what the changes were to the Romance Rewards Program. I believe it was going to be announced on 1/31 or before so I am anticipating an announcement any minute.


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    I, too, read that it would be announced on or before the 31st of January. I wonder what the problem is?

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    It has taken longer to arrive at a consensus regarding enhancements to the romance rewards program. I anticipate making an announcement at the end of this week.

    Couples Resorts

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    Take your time and get it right. It would be better than promising a perk then having to change it. As shown in the resort credits situation, that makes unhappy customers.
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    Randymon, I look forward to finding out about the changes. We will be coming "home" on Tuesday and have already done the pre-checkin. I hope you will address when the changes will be implemented at the resorts. I don't want to cause confusion about which set of rewards I am fortunate enough to enjoy. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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