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    Default Waiting for Diana Campbell

    I've read such great things about Diana and her son. I spoke with her over a month ago and sent a reminder email a week later. She was supposed to be sending me the contract to book my date. So, far I haven't gotten anything. Does it take this long? My date is in April 2011, but I want to get this booked.

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    she's on Facebook...send her a message there!

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    Don't worry she will send you the contract in time. I thought the same thing. She sent me the contract about 6 weeks before the wedding. My DVD and pictures were breathtaking!

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    I'm also a April 2011 bride using Diana. I just sent her an email reminding her the date and time we had agreed on. Asked her how to get her the deposit and for us to do the contract. Within a couple days she had emailed me the contract.

    So I'd suggest just shooting another email. She's always been good about getting back to me using that method.

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    No worries. Diana and Richard are amazing. I had the most amazing video and pictures. I had the most amazing experience with them both!!! After I spoke with her, I sent in a $200 deposit. Then she sent me the contract, i think.

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    Thanks, destinyrn. That makes me feel a lot better. If you don't mind, can I see some of your pictures? My email is

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    Thanks, Ladies! I will send her another email.

    trvlnewbie, what is you date? Mine is the 20th @ Sunset.

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    Is it possible to get her email? I contacted her via her website and she called me a while later. We discussed options, and was going to email a contract and price sheet to discuss with my fiancee. I haven't received anything and it's been several weeks. I'm an April 4 bride to be and when I visited her website, it was down or something and I wasn't able to get to a contact page. Help

    I'm a planner, I'm not good at this waiting thing.

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