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    Default Great House at CSA

    We booked a great house verandah suite at CSA. How big are the porches? I love sitting on the porch at the beginning of the day with a cup of coffee and at the end of the day with a fruity drink. I just want to make sure I made the right choice. I am pretty flexible on most things but I would be crushed if our porch was tiny. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    The Greathouse Suites have a very good sized verandah.

    No need to worry, its not a rail a foot and a half outside your door. There is plenty of room to move around and enjoy that coffee! We also love sitting outside and love the verandahs at CSA.

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    Big balcony. Most have a great view of the ocean. Going up the stairs gets old.
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    Thanks for the replies. Any idea about how big it is? Like 10 ft by 5ft, etc. or whatever? I know this sounds dumb but I would switch rooms over this! Can you sit down and look out or is the ledge too high?


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    I would say the balcony is about 8x12 or so. The ledge is the same height as the ledges on all the other balconies, so there is not much difference. Really the only difference for the GHVS rooms is that they have a hallway outside the front door instead of stairs.

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    Well said IACouple.
    We prefer the GHVS. You won't be missing your great views as you relax out there.

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