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    We used the resort for our picture and they turned out great!!! Can't wait to go back!
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    Wow! Absolutely beautiful. This website has been so helpful, especially when I have a very tight budget to work with and external photographers are so expensive. Your picture is absolutely stunning and the resort photographer has done a really good job. Its pictures like these that build my confidence in the photographers at the resort. Congrats on the wedding and all the best to you and your hus. *cheers*

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    Beautiful pic! What time was your wedding? We have 4pm booked for November....any tips?

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    Who was your photographer?

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    Congrats to you both.....what a wonderful photo!!! Can you post more TROYJEN? It looks like they did a great job capturing your moment. We're using the resort's photographer as well.

    I totally agree with you TNJSHY, I have researched prices from other vendors and they are very expensive. Not to mention the additional $500 vendor fee. Everyone wants the best their money can buy but hiring someone else isn't in our budget. Our ceremony is 11/6/10 @ 2pm. I'm afraid of the usual rain I hear that comes through in November but we're keeping our fingers crossed. Best of luck to you guys as well!
    Soon2B Mrs "H"

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    We had Cecil at CSA and he was great - try for him if you can. He made us feel very relaxed and was really friendly and nice
    Have a wonderful wedding!

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    Very beautiful photo!!! While you were getting married, I was giving birth to my daughter!!!! 9-10-09


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