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    Hi all,

    This will be our 2nd visit to couples sans souci, the 1st time we went in May and the weather was OK....we have been together 25 years and i want to suprise my wife we a revisit. We love SSB, the weather looks to be abit rainy in September would love to hear from anyone whos been in september to how SSB fairs.........


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    Default How much rain?

    Hi welovhols-
    Looks like we might be in the same boat, I just booked our two weeks at CTI. We did CSS last year as part of a split trip between CTI and CSS but my DH prefers CTI. We usually go for my birthday in early December, but due to other things going on we are going in September too. I know that we will be in paradise, but I was hoping to hear from some one who has been in mid September just so they can tell me that I am worried over nothing.

    I'm going to tag along on your post and hope that some one will give us a heads up.
    Felicia and Josh
    Couples Negril Oct. '08
    Couples TI Nov. '09
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec '10

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    Been to CTI 4 times and always been in September. 25th (honeymoon and anniversary) The weather has been sunny and warm during the days and humid at night time. It rained at least 1-2 days for a short time. One time at night the other during the day for a hour or so. NEVER the whole day. I would say that we have been lucky when it came to the amount of rain. We have no control of the weather so go and have a GREAT time at Couples.

    Ralph & Roberta
    Syracuse, NY
    COR 9/1982, CTI 9/2007, CTI 9/2009, CTI 9/2011

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