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    Good afternoon!

    My fiance and I are planning a trip to Jamaica for our honeymoon (wedding is May 28, 2011, so probably late May, early June will be when we want to arrive in Jamaica and we will stay for about a week- or whatever the typical package is).

    Neither of us have been anywhere out of the United States (or really the East Coast much) except Canada, so we are extremely inexperienced in booking these types of things. Friends who have traveled to both Couples and Sandals resorts recommended Couples, as did most people on a Google search asking which was better. So, out of the four on this page, which would you recommend?

    Here's some info on us if it helps in a decision:
    - We are in our early twenties (23 & 24) and aren't too concerned with a crazy nightlife, but would like somewhere we aren't the youngest there
    - We want to make sure there a few fun activities to do (not every day, but probably 2-3 days of our stay) such as snorkeling, hiking(?), going zip-lining, etc. *these don't necessarily have to be included in the package, but would like the option of being able to find something affordable, safe, and close-by if need be!
    - We both love good food and good drinks, so that is a must!
    - Not concerned with the nude option we see listed, so that doesn't factor in- but we're not opposed to being around it, either.
    - We will definitely want a place with a beautiful view (although they all look very gorgeous) and nice beach/pool access

    * Are the prices fairly comparable for what you're getting? I know they're not all priced the same, but what is the best value?!

    I think that's about it!

    Thanks so much in advance for your help- we're just a little clueless and they all look SO great!

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    First of all, congratulations on your up coming wedding. May 28 is our wedding anniversary. Forty-four years this May.

    You will not only get more for your money with Couples, but it will be the greatest experience of your lives. I say this because we have been to CTI, formally COR, thirty times. And we keep going back because it just keeps getting better. Couples offers more activities that are included with the package than any other resort in the Caribbean. Snorkeling, Catamaran trip, horseback riding, Dunn's river falls excursion just to mention a few. Other activities such as the zip line tour can be arranged through Couples.

    Believe when I say that you can't go wrong with any of the four Couples resorts. Each property is unique with its own ambiance, great restaurants and great drinks. Staff at all four Couples is second to none.
    And while you may not be interested right now in Au Naturel facilities, I would still recommend that you try it. It is one of the most empowering things you can do. And don't wait until your last day to go. Others have and now regret it. Just our opinion.

    Good luck with your wedding.


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    Great post Crabracer! When I read your replies, I can just feel the excitement in your words. That's y I know that we didn't make a mistake when we chose CTI as the place to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in Sept. 2011. Thank u for always being positive and true!!!
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Hi, I think everyone is correct, couples is a much better option especially for the money. We were in a similar situation as the two of you,the first time when went to couples it was our first time in an All Inclusive environment and the first time out of the U.S. We looked at al the resorts and talked t some friends of our that had gone and we decided we wanted to get married at CSA. It was the greatest decision we ever made. There were 8 couples of friends and family that came with us and between all of us, no one had a single negative experience. Before I get to far into this please let me say, remember you are out of the country and people from the U.S. typically are so used to the hustle and bustle lifestlye they get so caught up in worrying about one thing or the other the forget to enjoy their time on the island.

    We ultimately chose CSA because of the beach, once we saw it we both agreed we have never seen a beach that looked that good, it it our Corona commercial so to speak. Crystal clear water, hardly any wave, soft sand, no mud seaweed, just like being in salt water swimming pool almost.

    We did snorkel and I strongly advise this, we waited til almost the end of our trip and regretted doing that, it was the best experience for us we lived seeing all there is to see. They take you to more than one locaton, so try and sign up for it as much as possible, you won't regret it, Also if you are interested they offer night snorkleing, we are definately doing that on our return visit. The Cat cruise is a blast but you ned to try and reserve it aas soon as you can it only rns on certain days, and fills up quick.

    The food is awesome everythere, we love the in room breakfast trey served with fresh fruit and danish before heading down to either the Palms for the buffett or Patios for the stuffed french toast, also the crab omlets are amazing. We looked dining at Feathers and Patois Patio the best, since it is your honeymoon if you can afford it I would recommed doing the candle light dinner on the beach, it is an amazing setting, my wife and I still talk about that evening.

    The only time we left the resort we went to Ric's Cafe to Cliff Dive and watch the sunset, we had all of these plans for excursions, but once we really got into the rythme of the island and lifestye, we didn't want to worry about schedules and tours, we just wanted to go with the flow and enjoy ourselves, we just relaxed and took everthing as it came, whateve we fely like doing at that one moment is waht we did. Like I said earlier, if you are like most typical people, your life already revolves, around clocks, times, and deadlines...Don't let your vacation be the same way, As soon as we hit the room my watch goes in the safe and I don't want to see it until the end of the week. If you want to do these excursions just go to the desk at the resort and they will help you set them up.

    CSA is the only resort that DOES NOT have the Au Natural option, so you are covered there. Literally...LOL,
    We were in the same boat while some people love the au natural option, both my wife and I say it is not for us.

    We stayed in an Ocean View Verandah Suite on our last visit, we requested a third floor corner room, and got it, we had agreat view and the corner rooms offer the wooden blinds over the bed that really make the room feel so much more tropical and let in so much extra light and beauty of the island. I believe our trip was around $3800 for flights and hotel last time, with the food andall the drinks we ate and service we receved, there is no way we could have done the same things at any other resort chain.

    Couples Resorts, no matter which one you choose are all special in their own way. The wonderful staff and magagment are the reason for that, good luck with you decision, hope this helped, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask? Also unlike some places what you see is what you get, the picutres of the rooms and resort are exactly what ot looks like, actually the real thing is much prettier than the photo gallery.

    Sorry, I am sure this post is full of mispellings, I hate typing!!!! LOL

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We have been to all 4 of the Couples resorts, stayed at 3 (will be making this 4 in 107 days) and experienced our weddingmoon at CSS. We've not tried any of the other resort chains in Jamaica and have heard similarly that Couples is the best from others. We've found this to be true in each of our visits to a different Couples resort in the past 3 years.

    Based on the description you give of yourselves our opinion is that either CSA or CSS would best suit you. The "fun activities" you spoke of are certainly available at both in the form of snorkling. Though if "hiking" would include walking on the beach then CSA wins hands down as it is on a public beach allowing you to walk north and south quite a ways. CSS has a private beach with much less walking room though it does have stairs to climb as it's built into cliffs and tropical foliage to walk through. Additionally CSS includes an excursion to Dunn's River Falls where you'll get to hike up a waterfall. Now that's a blast!! Zip-lining and other excursions are available nearby both resorts and the prices are fairly comparable.

    CSA would also be good if the Au Natural thing isn't important to you. It is the only Couples resort that doesn't offer that.

    Those staying at CSA are ususally a little younger and there's the Aura Lounge/Nightclub to visit in the evenings where you can dance or sing along with Ultimate Chocolate...if that's something you like.

    The view of the sunset is exquisite at CSA, though CSS's sunset isn't bad either. To us those two resorts are Couple's most beautiful.

    Hopefully this has helped you with making your decision. But bear in mind that no matter which Couples resort you choose you can count on having the time of your life.

    Best wishes!

    Bart & Bug

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    I am in my mid-twenties and my husband mid-thirties. We went to Couples Negril last March and loved it. As a reference, we honeymooned at Secrets Maroma Beach in MExico. We preferred Jamaica hands down. As far as age goes, I can tell you that the crowd is a little bit older, but we liked that. You will not find obnoxious behavior, which is a plus. The resort is breathtaking, the food is great, and you will feel like you are at an island oasis. If you want a resort that feels like a luxury Las Vegas resort, this is not the place for you. We did not want to go to Jamaica to feel cookie-cutter, we wanted tropical and island. The dinners are great...we liked the Lunch options in Mexico better. The only downside of the resort would be the rooms. They look exactly as pictured, but are not brand new and don't feel super clean, although they are! I can assure you of that! The staff is unbelievable. There are plenty of activities and to be honest we were in bed by nine from having so much fun all day. I made a big deal about our rooms on our honeymoon and we even paid extra for a swim out room....I can tell you we went in the swim out pool once, and barely spent anytime in the room...I don't need to pay thousands of dollars to stay in bed! You will not regret Couples. If you have any specific questions please let me know. I would recommend Couples Negril without any hesitation. We are hoping to go try out CSS soon.

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