My Fiancee and I planned our trip from Dec 24th thru 31st and decided to try out the Island. when we got there we had to contend with two issues:
1. Bad weather
2. Installation of a permanent dock (floating dock was out of service)
We were disappointed that we were not able to spend more that 1 day on the island (12/30/10) because the weather didnt permit the completion of the dock but because a group called the "Islanders" showed up after Christmas then the Staff decided to accomodate their desire to get them on the island by having folks walk in the water towards the shore since the permanent dock wasnt completed.
We are grateful for the Islanders for having us experience the "Au Natural" feeling because I dont think we would have been allowed if they didnt show up.
Once on the Island we went to the right side since we were nervous and we had another couple that was experiencing their fist time. We settled into our chairs and my fiancee decided to go to the left side since she heard alot of talking and laughter.
We met a few of the "Islanders" (to include a great couple from Illinois that we exchanged cards to continue our dialogue)and engaged into enlightening conversations which helped us to relax and by the end of the evening we wanted to change our ticket to return on Sat instead of Fri.
We absolutely enjoyed our experience and we are planning to return in 2011. I can absolutely say that the feeling of not wearing clothes is a great feeling and we will choose this type of relaxation.

Sean & Anna
Northern Kentucky