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Thread: Clamato Juice!!

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    Default Clamato Juice!!

    Just read a review on Trip Advisor stating they now have Clamato at all the bars at CN! Just boosted my "can't wait" factor by 10!! 72 Days and counting!!

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    Does anyone know if they have it at CTI?

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    Clamto Juice Hooray!!!! Vodka peppar,celery salt,worchestershire sauce, pepper, olives and a pickle spear, LUNCH AHHHH!!
    One Love,

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    I rocked Clamato and Vodka EVERY morning at CSA

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    I had my ceasers at CSS and when we went over to CTI for the day, I had them there - yummo!

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    Does anyone know if they have it at CSS

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Default There is a buzz at CSA!!

    Hi everyone!

    We are at CSA right now and requested Clamato Juice for our mini bar. They are not using the little baby cans anymore! They actually brought us a large bottle!!! I have spoken to several other guests and they received the same! TY TY Randy, you are a prince!

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    Default clamato

    do they have the worcestshire and tabasco at the bars? Will bring our own rimmer. Great!

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    We noticed Clamato on the mini-bar selection sheet at CSS.

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