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    Default AN and topless questions

    My husband and I are planning a trip to CN in March and we are concerned about the AN beach and the topless sunbathing allowed on the main beach. Is this a problem for couples who don't want to see this too much? I understand the AN beach is semi secluded, so probably no prob there, just wondered how in your face (pardon the pun) the topless situation is usually on the main beach. I understand CSA doesn't have an AN beach but we think we'll like CN better.

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    I haven't been to CN but at CSA I rarely see women topless. Maybe once or twice a trip. I did have a situation with a very hairy man in a Speedo sitting right next to me. Every time he got up and came back he would bend at the waist to adjust his towel. Unfortunately my face was on the business end of that ordeal and I was picking hair out of my teeth for days. lol

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    Topless is seen on all of Bloody Bay, you may see 5 to 10 women per day topless during a given day. We noticed that at Couples beach the topless women tend to lay near the area close to the AN beach not on it. My wife actually is topless any time she is on the beach this includes the 2 or 3 walks we take per day all along Bloody Bay.

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    I would not worry about it at all. Yes every once in a while when you are walking past some chairs on your way to the water you may see a woman laying without her top on, but it is not like the H resort where they are running around all over the place. The only people that I have ever seen really walking around or walking the beach without a top are the Europeans from the RIU next door.

    As for the a/n, unless you go looking for it you won't see it and unless you really go looking for someone in the nude, again you won't see them. Everyone is very discreet, again not at all like the H resort.

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    We just got back from CN in November. There were a few topless sunbathers, but not really so much that you would notice. The AN beach is all the way to the left and secluded by the hedge, so you won't see those folks unless you make a conscious effort. Enjoy your trip to CN! We've already booked again for this November.
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    The AN beach is well off to the side and it is not at all "in your face". Granted people may be swimming nude as well, but it isn't anything that should be considered offensive and it is very discreet. You shouldn't have any concerns about it.

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    We've been to CN 14 times. Depending upon where you are on the beach, you might not even be aware of the a/n beach. While some women do sunbathe topless, they're not prancing around approaching everyone. There's absolutely nothing to worry about.
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    I agree with everyone, no worries mon!! We were at CN last January and were a bit apprehensive too, but quickly got over that.

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    It is not in your face but common in Jamaica

    Has never bothered me one bit!

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    While at CSA last spring we did see a couple topless ladies each day but never felt over whelmed by topless sun worshippers.

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    If it is still a concern for you, you could always stay around the fantastic pool as topless is not permitted around the pools.
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