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    Default THANK YOU from the November Photo Contest Winner!!!

    What an honor to be chosen first place in the photo contest!!! I know I receive three free days at Couples. How do I redeem this, what are the stipulations/rules? When does it expire?

    Again, thank you!

    "Doc Holiday"
    aka, Renee West

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    Congratulations! We won December 2009 and used our free nights this past November. You'll get an email from someone at couples within a few weeks. Beware though, I booked our trip in March for November...I had to pay $75 to request to reserve the rooms, and since it was more than 30 days out, we had to pay for the entire trip (extra days) right away!! This was not what I had in mind!! I was shocked when I received the email that said that. On the FAQ it says that you can book through a travel agent, but that isn't entirely true. Had I been able to book through my travel agent I wouldn't have had to pay in full until 45 days prior to the trip AND my air and room would have been insured...but that didn't happen. Also, your free nights do not count towards Romance Rewards and I don't think you can combine it with any other offer like the Wednesday special. And if you want to upgrade your room instead of run of the house if you are staying extra nights and want to stay in the same category the entire time, they want you to pay the full rate difference, not the discounted rate difference like you would calculate using the rates posted.

    It was kind of a pain, but overall I am still very thankful we won and were able to go back as soon as we were. We were at CTI in Nov 2009 and went to CSA for our first anniversary this past Nov.

    Just make sure you read everything and before you reserve you talk to someone at Couples. I think this is where I went wrong because some of the items I read either online or whatnot were a little misleading to me.

    Again, this is all my opinion and am very thankful for Couples for doing this contest because we would not have been able to go back as soon as we did if we didn't win.

    Have fun on your return trip!

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    Congratulations Doc!!!!

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    Yeesh, that's not what I wanted to hear Lindsi84. I have my voucher, noticed the charge, and already have my vacation booked...just looking to add my nights on.

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