I have never been to Jamaica and my husband and I are trying to plan a trip. We were led to CSA through a travel magazine..... we have been searching extensively. Anyway, how do you know which room to choose, do you book air fare seperately, how long of a bus ride is it from Montego Bay?????? Do they have a special for people doing a vow renewal.... I know, a lot of questions. We are finally getting to take our honeymoon, and at the same time celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary (this is where the vow renewal comes in). We really like the looks of Couples Swept Away, so that is 1 positive thing so far. :-) I would appreciate any feed back. oh ya, is mid April to late in the year to go..... as far as weather is concerned anyway. I don't want any rain. We live in Northern Washington and get plenty of it here....lol

thank you in advance,