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    Default Looking for golfers Jan 10-17


    Will be at SS arriving January 10. Anyone interested in playing golf? My wife, although a casual player, is not planning to play during this trip. This is our fourth trip to SS and I have enjoyed the golf each time.
    Grant from Ottawa Ontario

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    Hi Grant,

    I will be at SS 8 - 15 Jan. My wife does not play but I would like to go out for at least 1 round, probably in the middle of the week. I would prefer to get out early to ensure a quick round and be back at the resort for lunch. If that is in line with how you like to play then let me know then we will figure out how to contact each other.

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    Default Sounds good!!!

    That is exactly how I like to play....out early before it gets too hot, and time to enjoy the rest of the day at Sans Souci.
    We get in Monday December 10 around 5 p.m. If you leave a message for me at the front desk, I will give you a call and we set up a day to go. Looking forward to it, Grant Thompson
    My email address is as another way to contact me.

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    Hi Grant/Dave

    I will CSS 8 thro 18th and will certainly play 2-3 times. 1st time in Jamaica so looking forward to a nice course, sunshine and maybe a hot putter !!.

    Paul from UK

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    Sounds good to me. Can you leave your contact information at the front desk for full name is Grant Thompson. My email is if you want to touch base before that. Looking forward to next week. Cheers, Grant

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    Great. My name is David McLaren. Probably best to work out details there over a drink.

    Paul - leave a message for me at the desk.

    Grant - I will leave a message for you.

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