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    Default Experience With Facials at Couples

    Hi everyone! I need some advice from the many ladies that have had facials at Couples! Which is your favourite and why? We have the $500 credit to spend and I would love to have the spa ladies take a few years off of me.


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    When my husband and I went to CN this past April, I got the Peppermint twist wrap at the spa. It ffeels so good after a long day in the sun. My skin was all tingly and it smelled heavenly!!
    One Love,

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    Hello again,
    I have to apologize, the peppermint twist wrap is for the body, not a facial sorry!!
    One Love,

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    I had the European facial at CSA last January. I thought that they did a very nice job. Of course, I only get maybe 3 facials a year so I'm not a real expert.

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    I had the four layer facial at CTI on our next to last day. It was wonderful. I also had the full body scrub, followed by the peppermint seaweed wrap and then full body massage. Again wonderful.

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    i had the 10 step facial with part of my credit. i liked it EXCEPT the mask. which I probably would have been ok with except, as she was applying the mask, she says "oh, you aren't claustrophobic, are you?" which i'm not, but i was then
    not sure it took years off but after a week of sun and sand, it felt good. and while it hardening, she rubbed my hands and feet to take my mind off the claustrophobia. i had 2 massages as well and my husband had 3!!! Enjoy
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    Thanks everyone! Feel free to gab about any of the spa services that you really liked! $500 is a lot to spend and I need advice! The Peppermint body wrap sounds really good too.

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    Hey Marnie - I also had the hot stone massage at CSA and we did the Couples massage (upgraded to an hour). I thought both were very good, I like their touch, not too hard or too soft.

    I did a body wrap at CSS. Although it sounds good in theory, the treatment rooms at CSS are not airconditioned. I thought I was going to die being wrapped in hot gauze, and this was during January when it's fairly cool. My own fault, it's just something I hadn't thought about before I booked the treatment.

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    I had the 5 phase firming facial and it was wonderful. I also had my hair deep conditioned, and a little waxing. My husband had a couple of hot towel shaves and together we had 30 minute massages which are inluded in our Romance Rewards benefits. We enjoyed it all so much that we are going to do it all again this Feb.

    We also did dinner on the beach which I highly recommend!

    It is not mandatory but the staff at the spa do accept tips if you are so inclined.



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