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    Default Keturah and Steven 5/20/2011 CSA

    We'll be getting married on the beach at 10 AM. This will be our first time to Jamaica and we just can't wait!!!

    The countdown has officially begun and we are so excited!!!
    Congratulations to all the engaged and newlyweds on the boards~

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    Default Congrats!

    We will be getting married May 17th at CSA and are so excited! Will you have guests? or just the 2 of you?

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    Can't wait to see your photos!! Congrats!

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    Thank you!!!

    We are planning on inviting guests. We sent out save the dates and a link to our wedding website with our information. We're not sure how many people we'll be having come along though. Nonetheless, I'm still very excited and I know I'll have a great time

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