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Thread: Arrive Feb. 23

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    Default Arrive Feb. 23

    Looking for someone to have some fun with. We are a very relaxed couple who drink and smoke{ya mon}and like to have fun. Possibly explore Negril together? Check out that 7 mile long beach. Maybe see a Reggae show in town. You do your thing and we will do ours but it is always more fun to have a like minded couple or two to do things with.

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    See you there we arrive Feb 21st.

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    see you there. wee arrive on the 22nd of feb.

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    Default Meet us on the Catamaran Cruise

    Hello Tommy`n Vicki and columbo. We`ll be on the Catamaran Cruise on Thurs. Feb. 24 at 4pm. We did this cruise last visit. It was fun. Also a good place to meet. We are Mark and Sharon eh(lol). Those Damn Canadians.

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    Hope to see all at the cruise if not before.

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    Hope to see ya there!!!

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    Default Looking forward to it

    We don`t arrive until Wed. supper time. By the time we get checked in and "relaxed" it would be hard to make plans. I`m sure we will be on the beach most of the day Thurs. until the cruise. Hope to see you then.

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    We will be there from the 19th (Mark & Karen)...

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