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    Default Whoo hoo! Just booked!

    First time at a "Couples" resort.
    We are going to Tower Isle on June 01 2010.
    Counting down already.

    Any idea of a list of "must do's"? We are reasonably active and I am fond of a recreational drink.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Visit the ISLAND (the first day). And have a vodka lemonade slushy. Enjoy!!!

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    Like Hawkgroup said, go to the island your first day so you won't be kicking yourself later. We arrived at the resort late our first day so we went to the island the second day. We spent the entire trip there, after canceling our scuba and spa activities. Try all the drinks you can, there is so many to choose from!

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    have a wonderful time!!!! :d

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    Thanks to you all.
    Really looking forward to it.
    Does anybody know if there is a bar nearby that plays Ska and old time reggae?

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    Read our posts at First day at tower isle. We can fill you in as to what we are doing and loving it.

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