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    Default CSS 12/20/10 and Diana Campbell

    I am so very happy with my wedding at CSS! Brides, if you are worried about anything - DON'T BE! It will work out and be perfect.

    Our wedding coordinator was Karla and she was so very sweet, funny, and helpful. She set up everything for us and made it all simple and easy.

    We picked the 10am time slot at the gazebo. I have no idea why someone would NOT pick the gazebo! IT IS PERFECT! 10am was a good time for us because it started to get hot while we were taking pictures. I think it would have been too hot if we did it later in the day. The water is very pretty at this time also.

    Judith was the person in the salon who did my hair and makeup. I LOVED HER!! I brought my own foundation and powder because I had just bought it and love it. MAC is pure amazingness!! She did my hair in a way I didn't think possible - it was beautiful! I couldn't be happier with Judith. I am so very thankful.

    We picked three songs to bring: "If I Should Fall Behind" for walking down the stairs and to the gazebo, "You Are the Best Thing" for the moment we kissed after the I-do's and for the paper signing and cake, and "These are the Days" for our first dance together. We brought our songs on a CD.

    We asked them to do a coconut cake for us. Coconut cake here in the states is a white cake with white icing and coconut shavings in the icing. Ummm...I don't think they knew that. I think they put massive amounts of coconut rum in the cake batter. It wasn't...that...great....I am very thankful to them for trying though!!!!!!

    Diana Campbell was our photographer. I LOVE DIANA!! If you are thinking about using her - DO IT! She is so very friendly and helpful. There is no way in hell I'd be able to pick out 36 pictures for a package deal on resort. We got over 300 pictures from Diana and we love them ALL! Facebook and our wedding website is getting LOADED right now lol! The pictures look so well done and professional. My mother, who is the most critical person on the face of the planet, even loves them. She wants a copy of all of them. Email Diana. Book Diana. You will LOVE Diana!!!! You will not be disappointed! I am so happy I have all of these pictures to remember such a special day.

    I will post pictures once I get home from work


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    Default Diane Campbell

    Dear Liz!

    Yeah!!! You are so right. We also booked Dianes for our wedding and we have fantastic pics!!! I love all of them!
    And Diane -as well as her son Richard are very special people!!
    We had a great time.
    Also the DVD is so wonderful. Its worth every cent!! If I look at the pictures of our friends, taken by the resort fotographer at CSA.. I am glad that we booked digital memories!!!
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    glad to read a review on CSS. Can't wait to see your pictures. I am getting married there July 8, 2011

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    Default to newbierunnin

    I am getting married at CSS on 3/19/11....I'm so excited!! Do you know if they can set up a sound system for my own CD's at the ceremony. I was going to get the sax played but I'd rather walk down to some Roberta Flack....."The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" ! I love that song!! Thanks

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