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    My husband and I spent a week at CSS (December 18th - 26th)for our "weddingmoon" and I cannot be more thankful to the staff for our amazing experience.

    We arrived late (stupid US Airways) but we still had time to head down to the Bella Vista. This is where Nick fell in love with the "Crab Stamp and Go's." Eat them. Just do it.

    We picked the one bedroom ocean suite for our room and we LOVED it!!! The view was AMAZING! We could hear music from the Balloon Bar and we would sit out on the balcony with a bottle of champagne to listen. Our first day at the resort we explored the grounds and then fell asleep on the lounge chairs on the balcony...for five hours. LOL - it was so peacefull!

    The beach is small but we loved it. If you go in the water, be prepared for the seaweed out there. It isn't horrible once you get use to it. The bar is very close and you can also get a blue flag - stick it up in the sand and someone will come to get you drinks. We live on the Carolina coast so it was weird to have to face your chairs inland to get full body sun. We are used to facing the water. No worries!

    Our second day was the wedding - but I'll post that on the wedding side of the message board! (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for the wedding, though! It was done to perfection!!)

    We did the Dunn's Fall tour and it was one of our favorites. We hated how they make you hold hands in a chain at the beginning. We felt as though we needed our hands to help us climb. Nobody was doing it after the first ten minutes. We had a water camera for this trip, but when we got home the camera said there were not pictures on it. Sad - it is a BEUTIFUL trip. A great outside workout!

    We also did the horseback ridding tour down to the ocean. This was very interesting, the guide was great, but we felt bad for the horses. They were so skinny and sad looking. The guide said they were rescues...I hope that's true.

    The last trip we did was the tubing and zip line combo. I was really scared about the tubing because they kept egging me about how big the falls were that we would be going down and saying that at least half the people flip over. It wasn't bad AT ALL! I wish I would have relaxed and enjoyed it because it was the most beautiful thing I've ever done. We did the ziplinning after the tubing and it was SO MUCH FUN! I just wish it would have lasted longer!

    If you are going to CSS, then I am jealous. Don't worry about a thing!! SERIOUSLY! I was all through the message boards trying to find out everything possible. I was so worried that something would happen that I wouldn't be prepared for - some kind of extra charge or hidden fees. I'm telling you right now that there isn't! You will not meet a better staff, a more beautiful resort, and you will not have a better time if you go here. I can't wait to go back. I have no idea how I'll ever enjoy a different vacation!

    PS - go see Orlando in the Balloon Bar (best bananna daiquiris on the resort...especially if you add a shot of dark rum on top), Kevin and Jestein at Bella Vista, and Judith in the salon.

    If you cut me, I'd bleed rum, champagne, and jerk chicken!

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    wow,sounds like a great trip! What was your room number and who did you use for the zipline/tubing trip? We are going in Feb. and would like to do Mystic mountain (bobslide/zipline)in the AM then tubing after lunch, but I am not sure if we should wait and book it once there or go with one of the tour guys.
    Thanks for the great review!

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    Thanks for the great review. We will be there in 18 days. So looking forward to it. We have been to CTI many times and CN once. We did trading places last year with CSS and liked it more than I thought. My husband would have preferred to return to CTI so I'm slightly nervous. I'm sure we will love it.

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    Which building were you in? We have booked the same room but don't know what to think about it since we have only been to CSA. Another review said they were in D-1 and the view was not good and the balcony was smaller than they expected. Does the 1 in D-1 stand for, 1st floor? We love to hang out in the room and on the balcony to relax so the room is actually important to us.

    That is weird about facing in for the sun. I never thought about it but it makes sense. I bet it still feels weird though. lol

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    @holster - I am not sure of the name of the company. We booked it after we got there at the tour desk. There were only two companies that offered it and we took the only one with the combo package.

    @Kathy13 - I haven't been to the other resorts but I don't know how I'll ever love another one. CSS was perfect!!

    @melody - We were in E-6 (Evergreen) on the second floor. I'm not sure where D block is. The balcony for our suite was huge - a table with four chairs and two lounge chairs.

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    We were at CSS Dec 16th to 22nd. We also had an Oceanview room (G8 - Gardenia) on the second floor. The room was fabulous, so spacious. The ocean view was incredible. We also took naps on the balcony the day we arrived (jet lag was too much). We loved having room service breakfast on the balcony. The first time we did I just kept saying "this is so nice" over & over. We loved the fruit bar. The fresh fruit shakes were delicious! I loved the pineapple shake, so good! I really enjoyed eating on the patio at Palazzino. The Beach Grill pizza is fabulous! The bartenders are great while you're in the hot tub. You don't even have to get out to get a drink! I loved trying the 'drink of the day'. The mystic & the pink flamingo were so good! Everyone was so friendly. The Dunn River falls trip was very fun! The couples massage class was inspiring. The only issue the whole trip was the mattress was way too firm. After 2 nights my back was killing me. My husband suggested I try sleeping on extra pillows. Great idea! I called housekeeping, got extra pillows & that solved the problem. I also loved the walk in shower! CSS was just an awesome anniversary trip for us! I can't wait to go back. I have no problem going in December... didn't need any bug spray!

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