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    Default Snorkelling trips at CSS - questions

    We are headed to CSS in 3 weeks . We were at CN last January and really enjoyed the snorkelling. Are snorkelling trips offered daily at CSS - I couldn't find anything on the website. If anyone has any photos to share of their snorkelling there, would really appreciate seeing them as all I see outside my living room window is SNOW....

    We will be at CSS Jan 22-28 and then we head off to our "second vacation" at CN until Feb 4. Can't wait!!!!!


    Brenda and Ken
    Winnipeg (actually St. Andrews) Manitoba

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    If I remeber they are offered atleast three times a day.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Thanks - 3 times a day sounds great.

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    When we were at CSS in January 2009, the snorkeling trips were offered three times daily. They had a fabulous crew. There were a couple of different snorkel spots. One is a sunken ship in about 45-50 feet of water, very different from anything we'd seen at CSA. You will love the snorkeling!

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    Excellent - looking forward to it. Thanks BobandJudy!

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