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    I have emailed the appleton rum factory, but have not gotten a response. Does anyone know how far and/or how long it takes to get to the factory tour? We were there 35 years ago but from MoBay and can't really remember how far it is. We are thinking of going again, but do not want to do the YS tour with it. Only the Rum factory this time.
    We would probably be coming to Negril if we come down.
    Thanks for any information
    Karin and JIm

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    Just wanted to get this back on top and hope someone has advise.

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    Do a search for "appleton tour" or something like that and some threads from last year will come up that will hopefully be helpful to you.

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    my husband and I did the Appleton tour from CN a couple of years ago...I want to say it was like an hour drive from the resort but I can't remember for sure! We stopped a lot on the way back to the resort but that was because both us and the other couple that took the tour wanted to. We stopped at a bunch of local fruit stands and a great place for lunch. But I'm pretty sure you can be there and back in like 4 hours.

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    We did the Appleton Rum tour when we were are CN in May 2009. We hired a private driver for the day and did the tour plus stopped for some lunch at a local vendor. The trip from CN was about 2 hours each way and when combined with the actual tour it consumed the better part of the full day. The ride is spectacular and for me this was the best part of the whole day, the tour itself is very nice and you get to learn the history of the distillery and the process of making Appleton Rum, along with the ability to taste some of the different products made by Appleton. The Rum is not bottled at the distillery but is actually shipped to Kingston in stainless steel tankers to be blended and bottled there so you do not get to see the whole process on this tour.
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