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    Default Lobster night....

    Going back to CTI in Sept. with friends that are new to Couples and was wondering what restaurant to go to for lobster night. Thanks

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    Last year we did the Patio.... its basically all you can eat lobster tails.... you could even hit 8 rivers early then the patio.... you might turn into a lobster after but its worth it...

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    Hi scottnkim. Thanks for the info. Are you going in Sept.? Maybe will see you this year.

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    Default Lobster Night

    My husband and I went to Eight Rivers and had the best lobster we've ever had in our lives. Some friends we had met went to Eight Rivers as well and then went to the Patio for lobster. According to the people that work at CTI, it's pretty typical for people to get lobster from more than one restaurant.

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    We had our lobster at 8 Rivers. Another time at the Verandah and we had friends who had it at the Verandah, BUT while they waited for their food one of them went over to the Patio and picked up an appetizer of lobster to have with their salad. One thing about Couples, you will NOT go hungry. Don't like the way it's prepared one place, check out another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuse View Post
    Hi scottnkim. Thanks for the info. Are you going in Sept.? Maybe will see you this year.
    This year we are going in October.....

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    Hi scottnkim. Sorry we couldn't meet up with you this year. We like to go for our anniversary and our good friends are making the trip to CTI with us. Was looking forward to some beer pong butt maybe next year. Enjoy

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    MMMMMM Lobster night!! We got lucky and had a 10 day trip this year.. so we got 2 lobster nights and lobster at the repeaters dinner. We did Bayside the first lobster night and Eight Rivers the second one. The lobster on the buffet at the Patio on lobster night was also very good!!

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    Take your pick, because it's lobster night at all the restaurants! Yummo!! Sun_princess.

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    I have a question, we are going to CTI in June as our first trip ever! I keep reading about Lobster night but then I have also seen it on the menus. Someone mentioned that lobster is not in season in June, can you not get it at all or they just don't have lobster night?

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    Lobster season is July1-March31

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    What night is lobster night at CTI?

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    Friday at all restaurants

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