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    Default Questions about Couples Negril

    My husband and I are looking for a relaxing vacation with a beautiful beach, no kids, relaxing pool with no problems finding a chair during the day, great food, friendly people and good service in an all inclusive resort. Couples Negril seems to get many rave reviews and repeat customers, which is very impressive! We're looking at another place in Jamaica also and trying to decide between the two by tomorrow... What especially would make the Couples Negril a better choice than another resort in Jamaica? We haven't had a trip like this and it's all new to us. Thanks so much! Tam

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    We celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2006 and after many hours of researching, I narrowed our choices to Couples and 'S'. We chose Couples Negril; you pay a little more for Couples, but it is so worth it if this is your first time and would like to do any of the excursions as they are NOT included at the other resort. We booked another trip for February 2010 and unfortunately our travel agent messed up big time and 2 days before we were to leave, they called to tell us and wanted to put us up at 'S'. After much thought and discussing it with my husband, I said let's go. We had already taken the time off and was looking forward to the warm weather. It was nice, but hard not to compare to Couples as we knew what was offered there. Since we did the excursions the first time, we spent our time on the beach...walking the beach, sitting on the beach, playing volleyball (me) on the beach...just relaxing. I was able to go to the Spa for the first time as this was part of the 'perk' the travel agent gave us to entice us to go. We wanted to go away this coming February and my husband suggested the Florida Keys. I researched for AI on the islands and none compared to Couples; you still had to pay for food and drinks. Couples offers so much more and it's worth paying the extra money for. I get up earlier than my husband and like to sit on the balcony with my coffee, listen to the birds and watch the day begin; we had no balcony at 'S'. It is the little things that make Couples so special that we missed. It really is true what everyone on the message board says about going home and we are returning in 41 days (but who is counting!). Depending on how long you are staying, it may be worth doing one of the paid excursions. On our first trip we did an all day tour on our last full day that included Appleton Rum Factory, Black River Safar and YS Falls. Hope this helps you make your decision.

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    Tam...If you spend anytime reading this board, and see the loyalty of Couples..Family? you have to ask yourself why the overwhelming gushing on these resorts. Also check out the MB on the other resort for their rants and raves, oh wait...they don't have one? My daughter went to the S resort for her honeymoon last she thinks all of Jamaica sucks. But don't worry I'm bringing her and my son-in-law to CN, and she too shall soon she the light. Tam just keep reading the MB and ask why so much loyalty?

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    I,too, was looking for the "perfect" place. With lots of research, I chose CN and I have never been disappointed. I think you get more for your money here. The staff are awesome! They will do anything to make your stay enjoyable and they always speak to you as you walk around the resort. I love the beach, the water, and the food is the best. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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    Tam... what makes Couples so special? Everything....but what I really especially love is the coffee service to your room in the morning. A really nice perk. You will love CN, guaranteed.

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    Because Couples Negril is perfect.

    We honeymooned there in 2006, and have no desire to go anywhere else to break up the long Iowa winters. First of all, if it's not a Couples resort, we are not interested.

    We visited Couples Swept Away and didn't like it anywhere near as well as Couples Negril. We stayed at Couples Sans Souci and also loved it. I'm sure we will return there someday. We stayed at Couples Tower Isle, and in our opinion, it doesn't have the island feel that Couples Negril does.

    We are headed back to Couples Negril in THREE DAYS!!!!! We go every year.
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    For my husband nd I the thing that got us going for the 5th time in March, is all the inclusives. Of course the food is top notch and no where can match the service. It is worth every penny and you wont be disappointed.
    One Love,

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    We were there for the first time a few weeks ago. The number of repeat guests that we met is incredible. There were two other couples on the bus from the airport that were also first time visitors; everyone else we met was a repeater. To us that speaks loud and clear that the resort is doing something right.

    The beach is great, the food was excellent and the staff very friendly. We will be returning in a couple of years.

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    We have been to Couples Negril 6 times, headed back for trip number 7 in August. Couples Negril has everything that you are looking for, but it also has a wonderful staff that makes you feel special and pampered. There is a very laid back relaxed vibe at this resort that we have not found anywhere else. This is the one place where my very A type husband can put everything down and relax the moment he steps into the lobby. It is paradise.

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    I wouldnt have a problem even getting on an "S" brand forum and telling them I like Couples resorts more....hands down. After the first 15 minutes at the resort we were sold!

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    My fiance and I just booked our stay at Couples Negril 2 days ago for our honeymoon. Believe me I have done hours and hours of research and what made me make the final decision to go with couples negril was all the repeat guests and I used Trip advisor like crazy! Really what else do you have to go off of but other peoples reviews...? Compare the reviews on Trip advisor between the two resorts and I'm sure you'll know which resort to pick. People are passionate about Couples whereas the other resorts are just a vacation that is "OK". Another difference between the resorts is that I believe couples is a TRUE all inclusive and the S resort you would be paying extra for the little things that couples automatically includes. I'm sure we made the right choice and I can't wait until we are able to enjoy all the hype!

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    Not sure what the other resort is but check to see if it's couples only, if that's what you want.

    Also, this topic came up at the CN pool bar last week and one of the guests had an interesting perspective. He had stayed at "S" and said that it is very much a two-tier system. If you get a "butler" room, you have reserved seating at the pool, priority reservations for dinner, and other perks but you'll really pay through the nose for this (like twice as much).

    He noted that, at CN (and the other Couples resorts), once you step out of your room, everyone is treated exactly the same. [And at CN, about 90% of the rooms are absolutely identical other than location.] As a couple who have stayed in the cheapest and the most expensive CN rooms, we can absolutely attest to that -- everyone receives the same great service from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart.

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    You have already done the research, now book CN and enjoy... welcome! See you at the pool!

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    CN is exactly what you are looking for. We are headed back for trip # 7. We now go every year. The place is magical! It is very low key, not over the top stuffy and there is no stress, no kids, no worries, no thinking about money. The beach is awesome. Can't wait to go back.

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    We were in CN last January, and guess what we're going again next month. It's a fabulous place, fantastic beach and good food. You'll love it!!

    Brenda & Ken

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    Tam, we made our first visit to CN eight years ago. We tryed an R resort, and a B resort and there is no comparison. We've been to CSA once and CN three times. We will be returning to CN on the 21st, and can't wait. On our trip back to the airport after our CSA stay, we walked in to the lobby and looked out over the pool and beach, and realized it is by far our favorite. You would LOVE IT

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    Default Paradise on earth

    Couples Negril was the first AI resort we ever visited...and it is still the only AI resort we have experienced. We spent our first week there to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and couldn't have been more pleased. The superb service, relaxed atmosphere, somewhat secluded beach (there are only 4 resorts on Bloody Bay), great food, and tropical foliage throughout the grounds made it a perfect place for us...exactly what we were looking for. So much so, that we feel we have found paradise on earth.

    We have been back to CN every year since, and we will soon be making our 4th trip. It is truly "home" because that's the way the staff makes you feel.

    Based on the description of what you are looking for in a resort, I believe CN fits your expectations perfectly. Enjoy!

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    For me, since cust svce is huge! it would be the cust svce.....awesome!

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    Tam...I put this challenge to you, as far as research goes....check out, and ACTIVELY SEARCH for negative reviews only....for CN, and any and every other will find LESS negative reviews for CN than anywhere else, and the ones you find....once you read them, you will see trivial complaints, most of which, the resort itself had no control over.....CN in my opinion is perfection!! and, I am so grateful that we stayed at CN 1st, before trying any other resort, so that our idea of "home" is nothing less than heaven on earth!!
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    Very much agreed, we have stayed at worded that perfect. We were treated like bottom tier customers at S resort. They use the concierge and butler service as marketing. When you check in, they said butler guests come this way while the others wait here. We are sticking with Couples from last year on out. One stay and everyone will agree!!

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    Thanks so much! We're going in March...looking forward to the coffee on the balcony! Thank you for your info!

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    Thanks so much again for all of the wonderful comments about Couples Negril! We're absolutely convinced and we made the decision immediately after reading your comments on the message board. Can't wait to get there in March! We're sure we made the right decision now and are really looking forward to it. Anyone else going to be there the last week in March?

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    Default another resort

    Yes, for sure you should consider another resort, along with Couples Negril!
    and the others should be: Couples Swept Away, Couples Tower Island, and Couples San Souci!
    We are headed back for 3rd trip in June to CTI. Sure wish we could go every year, but teachers don't make much and we also are putting a daughter through college!
    We have been to COR (before remodeled into CTI) and also CN/CSA split trip. This time we will visit CSS for a day to see what it is like. We have loved them all and they are all different in their look and feel, but the service, food and inclusives are above and beyond!
    So....look into the other Couples resorts as well!
    Have a great trip! 173 days away for us!

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    Tam.....we will be there (4th CN trip) from the 18th-27th guys are gonna LOVE this place...the down side is that if you ever go somewhere else it will NOT be as great as CN..I promise. Lisa and Patrick
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    Maybe we'll see you on saturday the 26th, Lisa and Pat...your picture you posted looks amazing! Can't wait to get there; I feel really comfortable with our decision based on all of the positive responses I've gotten. No more worrying about it...just planning and getting excited! Thank you and hope to see you there!

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