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    Default Help! How are the Atrium Rooms?

    Has anyone stayed in a Atrium room at CSA? Would love some feed back!
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    WE did last March and it was great. Quiet, accept for the tree frogs, but they put you to sleep, you can just hear the surf break on the beach and the hammock on the balcony was really nice, as was continental breakfast on the balconey. We had a second floor suite..

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    We stayed in the Atrium room last year and loved it so much that is our room choice again for our next trip in 159 days. We cant imagine staying in another room category. The room itself is simple elegance, The clean white linens against the wood shutters is very striking. The huge balcony has couch, table and a hammock that is perfect for a nap, reading or a little snuggle time. Even though there is no glass in the windows (just screen) we never heard anyone, we didn’t even know we had neighbors until one night we saw their breakfast order on door. And the room became so cold during the night we had to turn the a/c down. It was great not having a TV, there was nothing to distract us from each other. And now they have mini bars in the room. Look at the room pictures on the web page, our room looked just like the picture.

    The only thing that we didn’t care for and not a real big deal is the wall between the bathroom and bedroom doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling. So when one of needed a little more “privacy” the other went out on to the balcony for some hammock time.

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    We stayed there in 2005 for our honeymoon and loved it!! We were at CSS this past summer, and sooooo missed our hammock in the Atrium room!. It is just a room with bathroom, they now have minibars. They have a great covered porch with furniture and a hammock. They have no tv's which we actually liked. The Atrium rooms are built so there are 4 rooms per "building", so very private.

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    Atrium Rooms at CSA are our favorite. Most rooms are located in the center of the property, back a short ways from the beach. A few offer ocean views, but most are surrounded by a lot of vegetation ( good for privacy ). Each building has 4 suites, with private entrances. The center of the building is hollowed out , and has large plants in the middle. You will never realize you even have neighbors. The 2 Suites on the top floor have the high cathedral ceilings. Bathroom is basic, large, plenty of storage , and large shower only ( fits 2 nicely ). The room has wooden shutters on 3 sides. Some rooms have screens under the shutters, others have glass ( our room had glass, and screens on the shutter on the patio doors.) Each room has a large verandah , that has a sleepable hammock, a bench and a table. Most verandahs are very quiet and private. We found the beds to very comfortable. NO TV's ( which we LOVE ). The rooms now have mini bars, but we have not stayed since they were added. I would describe the rooms as Caribbean simple elegance.

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    Beautiful rooms, nice privacy, probably a limited view of the beach. They are located in the middle of the grounds, lots of mature tropical growth around the buildings, lots of shade. Second floor rooms hava almost a treehouse feel with high vaulted ceilings and view of the trees. Rooms now have mini bars/fridge but NO TV's. We are staying in an Atrium this summer for the first time. On our four previous trips we have stayed in the ocean verandah suites. We have always been happy with these rooms, but wanted a change of pace this trip. Browse the FAQ's, read the room descriptions and look at the site photos. If you do a search you will find loads of information on Atrium rooms, they are very popular with many repeaters

    Have a great trip!

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    Default schwieso - Atrium Room

    Best description I've seen to-date of the Atrium Room. We will be enjoying this room choice in 57 days. Thanks for the details!

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    Thanks so much we are planning a trip in Feb. for our honeymoon! Can't wait!!

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