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    Default Single Digit Countdown to CN

    Down to our single digit countdown! Can't wait to get out of the snow and onto the beach! CN here we come!

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    Leaving Iowa for CN in THREE DAYS!!!!
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    Three days also and it's good by Milwaukee and snow and Hello Sun at CN!

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    One of my favorite things to write on this board, is"I'm doing the single digit dance!!!! So congratulations!!!! I have 78 days!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    Default Single Digit Dance...

    AWESOME! So happy for you both! I was just thrilled to make it to the double digit dance...we have 58 days to go and are patiently waiting for our return to Couples in Jamaica(CSA). Please post a review upon your return! We will all be looking forward to reading what's new, what remains the same and just any "thoughts/news" that you'd like to share about Negril. ENJOY!!!

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