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    Default july photo contest

    does anyone know who won the july photo contest? when you go to view the current winners they still have may's winners posted. just curious...

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    There is not a "July" winner, there will be a "July/August" winner and that will be posted sometime in September.

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    Default photo contest

    I may have worded my question wrong....does anyone know when the winners will be posted for the photo contest that accepted entries during the month of May up to the 30th of June? The winning photos that are up still seem to be from the entries of the previous two months.

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    I was wondering the same thing. Those photos have been up for awhile now. I keep looking for new winning photos but they're not posted yet, I guess.

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    The photo contest that accepted entries in May and June was called the "July" contest (since the winners would be announced in July), so mysandtoes you worded your question correctly. I too am wondering when they will announce the winners of that contest.

    Randy......can you help us???

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    Winners will be announced today. So sorry for the delay.

    Couples Resorts

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    Default july photo contest

    Thanks Randymon!!!

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    The July winners have been anounced!

    Great Pix!!!

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