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    Default New Beach Ceremony Setup at CSA???


    Does anyone know if CSA has a new beach ceremony setup or is that an upgrade? A recent bride posted some photos and the original setup, arch, and decorations that I'm sure we've all seen is different. It looked like a wooden gazebo with flowy, white fabric. Can someone please clarify?

    I'm sure some of us future CSA brides are thoroughly excited and would love to see some pics

    Thanks in Advance

    May 20, 2011 PLEASE HURRY!!!!!!

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    Was it just the gazebo option? Or was it for sure ON the beach?

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    I was married at CSA on the beach on Dec. 23rd. It is a simple wooden structure with white curtains on each post with bamboo posts on each side (aisle). It's in the middle of the beach and didn't seem very private at first but on the wedding day, they clear away the beach loungers and it felt like it was just the two of us on the entire beach. I will post pictures in the next few days. I will post a full was an AMAZING WEDDING!

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    Congratulations Dempie!!!!

    Thank you for clarifying and I know we all can't wait to see your pictures. I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful wedding day

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    Hi there,

    the wooden gazebo is not an upgrade, but it is quite new.
    I was married at CSA the 7th december.
    You can still choose the arch if you like!
    .. and as you can see, it is at the beach- a really beautyful place to get married, believe me!!
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    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    That is really pretty! Thanks for posting the pic! It looks like its shaded, that could be a plus for guests. We'd love to see more pictures

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    Oh that's new. They still had the old one in OCt. That looks nice!

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    Here is another pic of the ceremony at the beach. We got married at 11 a.m.
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    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    Castellita thanks for posting the pics. I am getting in May 2011 at CSA at 11am on the beach. Was the ocean beautiful at this time? I heard in the morning it is nicer than later in the day?
    The loose plan so far is to get married at 11am, do cocktail reception/lunch after then the catamaran cruise and then dinner. I'd like to do the private dinner just don't know if we can afford otherwise we are booked in at Patois for dinner.

    How did your day go? Now that its 2011 I am starting to freak out! haha

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    Hey CSAbride...

    Your plans sound like mine, except the 11 AM time slot was booked, so we're at 10. We're also doing the cocktail hour, pics, luncheon at Patois, then the cat cruise later in the day. Private dinners aren't available on Friday nights, so we'll continue celebrating at the beach party. So excited and yes I am also SOOOOO freaking out

    Good luck with your plans...

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    Hi CSAbride0516,

    11 am was the perfect time for us. Wonderful colors and a little bit of shadow where the ceremony was.
    If you can afford you have to book the private dinner- it made the day for us finally perfect.
    If not make an appointment for featers- the food is excellent there.
    After the ceremony we went to the reception and then with Diana Campbell for foto-shooting. Because I went in the ocean with my dress, I had to take a shower with my dress to get it cleaned
    After that we headed for the beach to relax a bit. In the evening we went to have a glass of champagne with our friends and went straight to the private dinner.
    We went to the sunset-cruise two days later, because we didnīt want to hurry that day. The cruise is pretty nice, but not the right thing for our wedding.
    If you want to see furthers pics take a look at the slideshow:

    Believe me, whatever you plan that day, you will have a great day!!!!
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    The wooden gazebo is a permanent built was put in a few days before we got to CSA for our wedding Nov 18! I was pleasantly surprised and MUCH preferred it to the iron arch (which is still available). Congrats & good luck!
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    Thanks for the info ladies!! I know time is just gonna fly by and I have about a million ideas running around in my head of how I envision the day. I know no matter what I'm sure it'll be great.

    We booked Stacey Clarke so I'm sure I will have plenty of great pictures to remember our time there.

    NegrilBride27 I am getting married on the 17th so I will see you down there!!

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    Here is a picture from our wedding Dec. 23rd. Name:  wedding arch.jpg
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    Default will LOVE Stacey! Let me know if you can view these pics at my link below.

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    Miasma - OMG! Your pics almost made me cry and I don't even know you! haha! You looked absolutely beautiful and the pictures are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing....makes me so excited to be using her.

    What time did you get married and how long did you have Stacey booked for? We are getting married at 11am and although I love the colour of the ocean at that time I would LOVE some sunset/night pics as well...

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    Thanks CSAbride! I'm glad it helps to get you excited! I know how it felt waiting for our big day at CSA and I found this message board to have so many useful tips & tricks from past brides and I promised myself to try to return the favor! Our wedding was the 4pm timeslot. Stacey showed up about 1/2 hr before in my room (my husband was in another room getting ready)....she got some great shots there and then she went out to capture a few of my groom before I walked out. With our package with Stacey we had her for 2hrs but she never made us feel rushed and she probably went a little over the allotted time saying she would tell us when she was "done with us" and I gave her a tip for doing that and capturing the sunset. She was worth every cent and these pictures are priceless to us. As for your is such a personal choice as to how you see your day unfold and what your plans are for after the ceremony. I don't think you can pick a "bad" time, I do know that 11am and 4pm are the most popular choices. We chose the later one because we were a small group and we wanted to celebrate by having drinks & dinner at Feathers and dancing at the Martini bar in our wedding attire. You may be planning a different day altogether! The spot is beautiful, the wedding staff are amazing, Stacey is top notch and you really can't go wrong! Would love to see your pics one day too! If you have any other questions you can email me at and I'd be happy to tell you about anything I learned from my experience. It's nice to chat about it because I think my famil & friends are sick of hearing about it!

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    Oh wow the new setup is GORGEOUS!!! Definitely an upgrade from the metal one

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    I love that set up I wish they had something like that at CSS

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    I cant wait - We are getting married at CSA on 5th May and I had seen photos of this new structure and an so pleased that it is permanent!

    Only 9 weeks tomorrow until our big day!

    Good luck to all future brides!

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    sunstarmoon you should ask Debbie. After I saw this post I emailed and asked if they had the same set up at CTI. I'm getting married there April 4th and was pleasantly surprised to hear they did. Perhaps it's something installed at all the resorts now. She even sent me a photo of the gazebo at CTI. So excited to be able to getting married there, and even more so now that they have such a beautiful set up!

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    kayjo20 - I did email Debbie about upgrades a while ago for the arch, maybe things have changed since then. So I will email her again.

    Is this a permanent fixutre on the beach. CSS beach is very small

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    OH I am soooo excited. Thank you everyone for your wonderful posts and pictures. I am getting married on the beach with the new setup at sunset in Nov at CSA!!! I can't wait to retell and post our pictures, just wish NOv would get here sooner. It truely is wonderful to read all of your personal experiences!

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    The CTI gazebo is overlooking the beach. I assume this is because the beach is so small (so I read on here) I attached the photo that she sent me. It's just beautiful.
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