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    Default Ipod docking stations at CSA

    Do the ipod docking stations at CSA support the 4th generation Ipod touch?

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    They do have Ipod docking stations at CSA. Not sure about the I-Touch..but it should work.

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    I brought my 3rd generation I-Touch last April to CSA and it worked fine. I also have a great set of portable speakers that I hook up my Ipod to for out on the balcony. I think I paid around $40 for them and they sound fantastic. They sound twice as good as the radio/dock in the room which gets pretty distorted when you turn it up enough to hear it on the balcony. We also do not want to disturb anyone with our music if it's late at night so being able to bring the music out to the balcony and listening at a low & clear volume is great.

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    Both the I phone and I touch work with the in room Ipod dock

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    Default Bring your charger!

    Keep in mind... though they will play them, they may not charge them! Bring your outlet charger just in case!

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