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Thread: what to wear???

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    Eaglelve (Dawn) - You go to whatever resort you get with the SR & you wear what you feel comfortable in .... I will say that Wranglers, western shirts, & boots will be WAY TOO HOT, though. LOL A couple pairs of khaki Dockers (or something like that) & some summer type blouses or tops with a pair of sandals would work fine & we shouldn't be hearing about you on the message board. HA HA Enjoy getting out of your western wear for a few days & have a wonderful trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eaglelvr View Post

    I am have a very difficult time figuring out what to wear to supper every night. See I am a redneck cowgirl from the north eastern plains of Colorado. -Dawn and James
    (4 more days til we find out our SR Resort)
    (11 more days til Jamaica)
    ....For you, go with a nice Sundress or skirt & blouse. It's really NOT that formal.

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