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    Default Snoring and food allergies--how romantic! ;)

    Hello everyone,

    My love and I are planning to book a trip in March. We are leaning towards CTI but not yet certain.

    One of us snores, the other is a delicate sleeper--in the event that we have a hard time resting well in the same bed, can we request a roll-away bed? I would also consider a suite if one of us could sleep on the couch if we had to. I know this is not a romantic thought but we are both miserable if we don't get good sleep! An "escape hatch" if it's not working well in the middle of the night makes us sleep much better! Can anyone recommend a particular property or room type that will help us decide?

    Also, one of us has several food allergies: nuts, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers) and shellfish. How accommodating are the chefs able to be? A mistake means a trip to the hospital--and possibly an epi pen.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I don't think they have roll-aways at any of the resorts but you should double check with them to be sure.

    We have only been to CSA and I also have a lot of food allergies. I can't have nuts, seafood, shellfish, beef and a few other things. Between those things alone I have eliminated more than half of their menu and am left with chicken and pork. There are always some chicken options but sometimes the chicken dishes have other things that I can't have. The first two times we were there they were very accommodating and would change some of the items to remove the things that I was allergic to. One of my favorites was the shrimp quesadilla without the shrimp. Last time we were there it was a huge struggle to find things I could eat because even thought I would talk to them in advance and they said it was ok, I could not get them to modify any of the food when it came time to eat. They said they could not make the quesadilla because they came premade. That made no sense to me since everyone told me they made their food themselves. All that was left in that dish was cheese and a flatbread type tortilla. I usually just ended up eating from the pasta bar (which I really like) or settling for something that I didn't really like but at least I wasn't allergic to it. Most of the time it worked out but a few times I was pretty disappointed because I had been looking forward to one of my favorite things from the last trip. I do all the cooking at home and I don't make anything quite as nice as they do so the food is actually a big draw for me. When we RSVP'd for the Repeaters Dinner we kept telling them about my allergies because typically I am allergic to every single thing on that menu. They kept telling me it would be fine and wouldn't write down my allergies. There are no options as the Repeater's Dinner though so it's not like I could pick something else. Finally we were able to get them to write it down and everything worked out fine but I was worried for a while. They kept saying it would be fine and that everything they make at the dinner is good but I knew it would not be fine for me. The things I am allergic to are the things that most people want to eat when they are on vacation. Most people don't think of chicken when they think about fine dinning. I am not sure what was different the last time we were there (Oct 10). When we were there in April they were very accommodating. I did everything the same as how they told me to in the past but maybe they changed something I didn't know about. I have not heard other people talk about problems like this though. Maybe it was due to my being there right after a big storm? I wasn't asking them to get anything special for me, just to make things without one of the ingredients.

    I know some of the suites at CSS have a couch in a separate room so that might be a good option. I am not familiar with the CTI rooms though. I don't think there is anything at CSA that has a couch indoors.

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    I would also suggest CSS. It's awesome, and some suites have the couches, as mentioned before. However, the couches aren't very long. Otherwise, even if CTI has rollaway beds, it probably couldn't roll away far enough since it would still be in the same room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theyamons View Post
    I would also suggest CSS. It's awesome, and some suites have the couches, as mentioned before. However, the couches aren't very long. Otherwise, even if CTI has rollaway beds, it probably couldn't roll away far enough since it would still be in the same room.
    Same with CSA, I don't know about CN though. Unless you are up for locking him out on a balcony there just isn't going to be enough distance between you.

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    If a hammock would work you could get a suite at CN and there is also a hammock option at CSA. Some of the rooms at CSS have loungers on the balcony that might work. Otherwise you just might need ear plugs. I've learned over the years to sleep with the 'meaty' part of my thumb covering my ear and the pillow smothered on the other one. Pretty well knocks out the sound of the train! Of course, I also don't hear the alarm clock. lol
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    This would be the reason my father in-law is now using a cpap machine. He just keeps it as his carry on!

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    Yeah, we tried CPAP but it just doesn't work for us. Earplugs make things better but we've both suffered through some bad nights when we have to stay together. Some nights we're fine, and some nights it just doesn't work well. :-/

    Thanks for the insights, everyone. In the end we booked a SR, so I won't know which resort we will be at for a while...and I don't think we find out about our room until we check in.

    Reading everyone else's excellent experiences, I am hopeful we will find the staff willing to help us with food requirements. A trip to the hospital does NOT sound restful, and we really, really need a break! This has been a tough year and we are ready to nurture ourselves and each other.

    58 days!

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    I would suggest CSS if you need a room to escape into. When we were there a number of years ago they had 1 bedroom suites with a big livingroom where you could easily put a roll away bed if needed. I get what your saying about being miserable if you don't get to sleep. Nothing like starting the day upset with your partner because they slept and you couldn't. Not the way to spend a vacation.
    As for allergies, we often travel with a teen that has a peanut allergy. We've learned to email the resort about the allergy before we arrive and set up a meeting with the Head Chief. They are very knowledgeable and helpful identifying what he can eat and what should be avoided. Believe me, the last thing they want is for someone to have a reaction and need to go to the hospital. Not good customer service. I would suggest you bring a few epipens with you just to be safe.
    Hope your nest trip is better.

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    My husband is also a snorer. He uses the Breath right strips everynight, and it has helped a lot. The first year we forgot them, and I didn't get a lot of sleep. AFter that I make sure they are in the carry-on.

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    I guess if all else fails, just hit the wine pretty hard at dinner. lol Hopefully things will work out fine. I find that even though I often don't do a lot while there, I am exhausted at the end of the day.

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    "Sleep-Eze", made like a retainer, from your dentist has worked for us. Though they're expensive, a good nights sleep is worth it! Hope you enjoy your trip.

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