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    Default Water Shoes for CSS beach

    We love the beaches of Negril and CSA, however we are just as excited to be going to CSS in less than 2 weeks. We are aware the beaches are different, but we think we are going to fall in love with the resort. Having said that, I have read many posts about water shoes used at CSS beach, and people stepping on sea urchins,... We want to be prepared. We do spend a lot of time at the beach and in the water. So is it true that you really need to wear water shoes? If so, can you get them at the CSS gift shop?

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    Bring you water shoes for you trip to Dunns river falls, not for the beach.
    Irie Mon

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    I didn't feel the need to have water shoes on, it's just murky/slimy on the footing when walking out in the water, and it's very shallow water.

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    We have been to CSS 3 times and never needed water socks on the beach or in the water. It's a beautiful resort though the beaches cannot compare to CN or CSA. We're sure you'll love it there!

    Bart & Bug

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    If you plan to go to SSB and get in the water I would bring the water shoes. There are some rocks to walk over on that beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kycouple View Post
    If you plan to go to SSB and get in the water I would bring the water shoes. There are some rocks to walk over on that beach.
    This is precisely why we are going back to CN, the beach and ocean are so gorgeous, and there is nothing like the feeling of swimming in the clear Carribean Sea with your loved one skin to skin...

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    I used them when we were at CSS but that's me.I was nervous after reading as you have re:rocks,sea urchins.Most people did not use them.I would however suggest them for Dunn's falls as you really need them for there.If I'm not mistaken you can rent shoes but I would use my own.Do the Dunn's excursion as it was a lot of fun.I was afraid I would have trouble climbing but no problem.Have a great trip.

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    We were at CSS in the beginning of December. (Our first time, we have been Negril junkies for years.) Sea urchins were an issue. They were actually moving them out of the swimming area on the main beach. We purchased ours online before we went and did use them at both beaches.
    It is clearly a different atmosphere but it is spectacular.
    Have fun.

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    We only used our water shoes for Dunns River Falls excursion. There are rocks and seaweed in the swimming area, though, but it was never a problem for us. You can buy or rent water shoes from the resort if you forget to bring them.

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    I didn't even notice it being slimy.

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    you know... to be honest, if we went back to CSS again, I would wear water shoes. Do you NEED them... no. (well, maybe on SSB due to rocks, but no they're not ESSENTIAL on the main beach). But the sand isn't powder soft, it's grainy and hurts your feet after a bit. And the ocean bottom is mucky... kind of like mud on the bottom of a lake. It also correspondingly has little slimy "surprises" for your feet growing on the bottom... nothing that will hurt you, but nothing pleasant for your toes to discover when you take your next step (and the water isn't clear enough for you to see your feet). For this reason, I mostly stayed out of the ocean when we went. Next time if we go back I'll bring water shoes.

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    You definitely need them if you want to go in the water on Sunset Beach because of the rocks. I see no need for them on the main beach. I spent a lot of time in the water on the main beach and I have to say I don't get the concern about rough sand or a mucky bottom. There is some sea grass, but it is not mucky or gross. The sand did not hurt my feet. I have been to CSA and the sand is more powdery there, but CSS's sand is comfortable to walk on.

    The beach at CSS is bigger then I expected too based on reviews here. I love CSA and now I love CSS too. Both have lovely beaches...they are just very different from each other.

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    I was just at CSS in Dec. SSB is a little rocky. I didn't wear any water shoes, my hubby would have liked to. (he never goes barefoot at home) The main beach was fine barefoot. The water is so clear. If you walk all the way out to the reef, yeah - I would want water shoes there - due to the reef & possible sea urchins that far out. No problems just playing in the water if you're used to being barefoot. They do sell water shoes & flip flops in the gift shop.

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