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    Default Count down!

    Is it wrong that I'm already counting the days until I get back to CTI? We are planning to come back for our honeymoon. I won't get "home" for another 466 days or so! LOL
    Bonnie & Jon

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    OMG, that's a long time! The time will go by rather quickly. My husband & I booked our anniversary trip to CTI in April 2010 for Sept. 2011. Look how much time has passed. We have like 270 days remaining. Just don't think about it and the time will fly. I have even limited my time on the MB because, when we first booked I was on here everyday, all day. Now I come to the MB about 2-3 days per week. Being on here everyday, all day was driving me crazy. Making me feel like I could not wait til September 2011 or I was going to die. Now I feel that I am not so anxious. Just focusing on paying off the trip and getting airfare.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    OK,OK, I wont get upset about 72 days till CN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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