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    Default What you CAN do with a temporary marriage certificate.

    Well I was able to change my name on my US passport. I just got it back in the mail.

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    my employer told us to bring back our temporary certificate and I can add my husband to my insurance policy. check with your HR department to see if this applies too.

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    I was able to change my name at the SS Office and on my DL. I guess it depends on who you get at the SS office....

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    I was able to change everything..if you call the SS office for your state like I did, they told me that the certificate is from another Country, and they expect for it to be different, and they have to take took me 15 min at the SS office in Fl. The next day I did my DL license, and name change at work..all with a temp certificate..Just don't tell them its a temp one asked, so I acted like it was the real one. I Had
    NO problem.

    Good lUCK., we still haven't received our permanent one from Jamaica, and we got Married there at CTI on May 3rd.

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    I was able to change everything as well with my temp one as well. No problems!

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    We were able to us the temp to add my husband onto my insurance at work. However needed the SS card and new driver liscense before they will change my name at work (the VA hospital).

    Went to Secretary of State (in Michigan) waited over an hour for them to not accept the temp, b/c there was no offical stamped seal! After that i just waited for the offical one to come in mail. Got my liscene changed, and then went to SS office. Was pleasantly surprised that it was free of charge at the SS office!

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    The wedding certificate from my first marriage didn't have an offical seal and I changed my last name with no problems. Is the official seal just a US issue? I don't anticipate any problems with my temporary Proof of Marriage.

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    My certified copy worked at the Social Security office, but for my new drivers license I had to take it to the county courthouse to have it recorded and certified. Not too bad!

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    All the replies above seem to be for Americans. What about Canadians.
    -health card
    -drivers license
    -banking info
    -vehicle registration & insurance

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    Here in Nova Scotia, Canada, the seal isn't required to change any of the doucments listed above. So using the temp. certificate shouldn't be a problem at all!

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    woo hoo! Thanks Carey&Corey. I'm going to see what I can do with the paper I've got.

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