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    Default June 27th - July 5th

    Darn... I couldn't find any of the threads from the old board in which I had posted... Oh well maybe people will start posting again on this new board.

    Mouse and I will be celebrating 10 years of marital bliss. This will be our 3rd time staying in Negril but our first at Couples.

    Maybe we'll see you at orientation.

    Just days away. Sweet.

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    They've got smilies on this board.
    Anyway, hi there Buzz, Me and Mossy will be also be arriving on the 27th June. See you there.


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    OK, I have to ask where the name "Mouse" came from.

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    Default Can't wait!

    Ingrid and I (Steve)will be arriving on June 28 for a week..Looking forward to the good times!

    Safe Travels,


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