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Thread: CSS or CN?

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    Default CSS or CN?

    For anyone who has been to both - Which AN do you prefer? And Why???

    Merry Christmas!!!

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    Quite simple the AN facilities, beach etc are far superior at CSS.


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    I have been to cn and hope to go to css soon they have a building nest to the an beach at cn so you walk to the beach from your room the only time we wore bathing suits was to go snorkling i am curious about how close rooms are to the css nude beach the map is not clear

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    We have been to both....CSS once & CN 4 times.

    CSS has a great pool w/swim-up bar and a grill. CN has beautiful Bloody Bay for swimming/floating and a large in-ground hottub. The beach at CN is FAR superior (IMO) to CSS. I would say CN is more quiet.

    We are more "beach" people, so we prefer CN. We like using the AN hottub after dinner. Most of the time we're the only couple there.

    But, with that said, we're heading to CSS in 2011! After 4 trips in a row to CN, we're feeling the call back to the north side of the island.

    Both CN & CSS are fabulous, but very different, resorts. You really can't go wrong with either
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    We've been to both and love each for different reasons. We love CN's beach with silky soft sand and calm warm water. We love floating nude in the ocean. We love the pool at CSS and the lunches being brought over. It is also nice with the entertainment crew coming over a couple times a day. Both are completely different, but both are fabulous.
    Juliann & Jeff
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