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    My wife and I have stayed at Couples Negril twice and now we are looking at trying one of the other couples Resorts. We are wondering how far is Tower Isle, Sans Souci an Swept Away is from the AirPort? What advantages if any does the other resorts have over Couples Negril?

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    We have been to CSA on the Negril side, and both CTI and CSS... last Dec we were at CSS. The bus trip has improved greatly since the new roads have been completed. It was only 1 hour 15 minutes from the airport to CSS, so no problem at all.

    The big difference on the Ocho Rios side is the beach. Smaller, but private. Where as Negril is larger and the footing is nice, but you have others coming by you on the beach that are not at your resort, plus vendors. Neither is "better" in my opinion, just different. I'd be hard pressed to say which one we liked more... my husband if he could put Negril's beach at CSS then that would be perfect... so there you go.

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    CSS & CTi are about 1 1/2 hours from the MoBay. I've never been to CN so I don't know what advantages CTI has over CN, but I can tell you why we are returning for our 5th trip in July. First the amazing staff, the great people we meet, several of whom have remained friends, the great food--okay CN probably has all those things. Now what make CTI unique? It is smaller, land wise and not as spread out as the other resorts. Some refer to it as a high rise, but it only has 4 floors in the main building, hardly a high rise. CTI has a quiet private beach. There are no jet skis, ski boats, parasailing boats etc. running up and down the coast, no vendors or guests from other resorts on the beach. It is very quiet. From CTI you can do the included Horseback riding excursion up the mountain or climb Dunn's River Falls. There is also "the island" for au naturel sunbathing if you choose. The island is also private, especially in comparison to CN's AN beach. The rooms on the ocean side of the resort all have amazing views of the ocean. So the advantage to the beach being smaller is the amazing views of the ocean. If you are in Building room, you are almost right over the water. Speaking of being over the water, you can also enjoy a meal over the water at Bayside with the waves crashing around you. Amazing. Anyway, good luck and enjoy. You know you can't go wrong with Couples.

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    Swept Away is also in Negril just about 10 mins from CN.

    CTI and CSS are on the other side of the island from what I have read a two hour drive.

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    I have never been to CSS and CTI, but I was at CSA last year. I can tell you that CSA is approximatly 5 to 8 minutes more by bus than CN. It is a beautiful resort. We have truely enjoyed our time together there and can't wait to return. I am sure you will have a wonderful vacation at CSA.

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    We've stayed at CN once, and CTI many. The drive to CTI seemed barely longer than to CN. I prefer CTI over CN because it is more secluded, smaller, private beach, and several of the employees remembered my name.

    With regard to amenities, they are nearly identical. CTI doesn't offer parasailing or jet skis, but I can do those in America.

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    We started our Couples adventure at Tower Isle, but it was before the renovation. (If you think the ride to Negril is long...) TI was great; we had an ocean view and loved to look out at the island. Food was great, but beach is small. We loved Tower Island and met lots of fun people there. Next we tried San Souci. We were fortunate enough to be down on the beach in Block A but it was a long walk up to the main building. LOTS of steps. We loved Sunset Beach, but the water was cool as the river meets the ocean at that point. Our room was excellent, and we took advantage of room service often. LOVED the jacuzzi tub. The next stop was Couples Negril. We have now been there 3 times, and are planning a return visit. E-nuff said?

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    CTI and Sans Souci are the other side of the island from CN and CSA so you will be travelling from Montego Bay in a totally different direction. Not been to San Souci but went to CTI when it was COR (before refurb). We are about to return to CN for the 3rd time cos in our opinion it meets our expectations with regards to beach and diving more than CTI did. The staff at both resorts are excellent so it is a tough call.

    Hope this helps!

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    The drive time from the airport to Swept Away is an hour and 15. But of course, you always make a little stop on the way to the resort! We love CSA - the beach is awesome - lots of restaurant options - gym, tennis, Olympic size pool to do laps - plenty of entertainment, or plenty of privacy, whatever you are in the mood for. Awesome staff, which I'm sure they are at all of the Couples resorts - I just know I've talked to people who have stayed in Ocho or Montego, and Negril wins hands down

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    Thank you all for your input, We will probably do CTI this year. My wife was concerned about the ride to CTI but and hour and 15minutes doesn't sound that long plus it will give us a chance to see thoe other side of the Island. Thanks again!

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