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    Default Late afternoon snacks at CSA?

    My DH and I are booked for our first trip to CSA (see how I am already thinking there will be more to come?) for May 5-9. We are super excited. It'll be in honor of our ten year anniversary. Anyway, we'll land at 3:00 pm Jamaica time, then of course there will be all the airport fripperies and the van trip out to the resort, so it'll probably be somewhere between 5-6 when we finally arrive. Clay and I don't usually sit down to dinner till 8:30 at the earliest, but I think we'll probably want a snack, (and a drink, lol!) since most likely we'll just eat an energy bar or something equally boring on the plane. So where should we go? What should we ask for? Please help us choose our first taste of Couples!
    Thanks! Katie

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    Go to the Cabana Grill and order anyting off the menu (but don't forget the onion rings)! The pool bar is adjacent, so you can get any drink you like. the advantage here is that you can sit in the sun or in the shade and watch the phenomenal sunset....On your first night you may want to eat at Patois Patio, which is in the same area as the Grill and Pool Bar. Outstanding food there!

    You are just going to LOOOOVE Swept Away!!!

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    The grill is open and Sea Grapes so you can get something fast before supper that evening. Trust me you will never go hungry and there is always something to grab if you want to just snack a little. You can always buy a fast snack in gift shop but to be honest we usually go to grill or SeaGrapes for the chips and dip. YUMMMMMMM!!!!

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    5-6 puts you right at the beginning of the dinner hours. Seagrapes will probably be closed, that would have been my first suggestion if you arrive before 4 o'clock. At that hour, for food, you may be restricted to the grill by the swim up bar just outside the Great House at the south end of the beach. Great snack and bar type food available there from 11 AM or so till the wee hours of the morning. The large bars in the Great House and at Palms should be open for you to order drinks, the beach bars and swim up may be closed by that time. Best thing to do is ask at the front desk when you arrive. Tell them you are hungry and they will let you know all your options and where to go.

    Have a great trip! You will love CSA.

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    Oh, you will not want for good things to snack on! Let's see.
    1. Cabana Grille (by Great House) - nachos and toppings, onion rings, snapper sandwich, burgers, fries, jerk chicken, or beef or chicken patties (which are really good - I had never had one before).

    2. Seagrapes (other end of beach) - charcoal GRILLED snapper sandwich and if you just want nibbles -- sweet potato chips with the dips! You will want to eat them all day long. They have smoothies too and veggies and such.

    We didn't snack too much since we feasted at every meal and just made the bar drinks our "snacks" (LOL). But maybe others know of other edible snacks to suggest.


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    Jerk chicken from the grill and a Bob Marley shot from the bar.

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    The little beach bar serves AWESOME veggie burger and fish tacos. They also have sweet potato chips with amazing flavored humus that will keep you going until dinner

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