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    Default Dinner Options at CN

    Hi all,
    We're looking forward to a trip to the fourth of the Couples Resorts we have scheduled for March 2011. It will definately 'soon come'. I have a question about the dinner options at Couples Negril. I know what Otaheite and Lychee are about. My questions are:
    1. What is "The Terrace" like? Is it 'sit down with a menu' or buffet? My husband isn't much for buffets. Just curious.
    2. I've heard that the menu at Heliconia has changed and that it isn't Italian as it shows on the site anymore. Can anyone share some insight as to what type of menu it is now?
    Just curious and excited about this trip. After March, we've been to all four and looking forward to enjoying Couples Negril soon. Thanks for any and all input.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07,08
    CSS '10
    CTI '09, 10

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    The Terrace alternates between buffet and sit-down every second night. We were there in November and Helicoiana had pasta, fish, steak as well as vegetarian options on the menu. Of course, at all restaurants, everything we had was delicious.

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    Have not heard that Heliconia has changed, will be very disappointed about that, they have great pasta. But that is only in the evening, during the day it is the beach grill.

    The Terrace is buffet a couple of nights a week and ala carte the others. The menu for the ala carte changes as does the buffets. There is a beach party on Thursday night that is Jamaican inspired and then there are a couple of others but I don't remember what they are. We eat at Helconia and Lychee a lot.

    But the point is that the food is never boring and changes so if you are there a week you will not get tired of it.

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    the terrace is mostly buffet, but there is a dinner menu at least one or two of the evenings...with a sit down menu and server...

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    I will be there (hopefully) from Dec 28 for 2 weeks. If you contact me after I get back, I will be able to let you know.

    Hope this helps!

    cheers xxxx

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    Default dinner options

    Thanks for the responses.
    Interesting that The Terrace alternates from buffet to sit-down. We like the one with a sit-down menu but I guess you can't determine when those are until you get there, since I don't see that info on the website.

    Still not sure about Heliconia. The one response seems to indicate it has a variety. I wonder if it has a theme at all? Loafies -- thanks for the willingness to tell me when you get back -- I guess I'd have to repost? Any further info would be great. Happy 2011 all.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07,08
    CSS '10
    CTI '09,10

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    We were at CN in November and though Heliconia may not say it is Italian, it had an Italian dish on the menu every time we were there. The buffets at the terrace are OK....lots of variety, food doesn't always seem hot, but you can always eat at the beach grill during the day and then snack there. The desserts are always amazing. The nights they do sit down are excellent.

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    Hey Windsor girl,
    We will be at CN 3/21-3/25 (CSA 3/18-3/21)!!! What days will you be there, I am anxious to see and try CN

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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