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    I'm a newbie to couples resort and have booked the secret rendezvous package through the website for travel starting August 5th 2009, by when will I know which resort I will be assigned to and also how will i know it, will i recieve an email or do I have to call them and find out ?

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    They will contact you about a week before, no need to contact them. Chances are you are going to one of the Ocho Rios properties (CSS or CTI).

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    Hi - you will find out a week before. You call 1-800-couples and they will tell you at least that is what we did - we booked through travelocity yesterday for next Monday and I found out today that we are going to CTI.

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    You will find out about a week prior to departure, but here is a hint check your credit card receipt to see where it billed too.

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    7 days before your trip you will find out where you are going.

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    You will find out 7 days ahead and either your travel agent if you used one or you can call the 800Couples #.The waiting was torture! Have a great time

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    Thanks everyone for your response, I just got an email from that I have been assigned CTI. My dates are 08/05-08/09. Anyone joining us on these dates ?

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