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    Default Nude Catamaran Cruise

    Does anyone know of a Cat cruise that is nude only? Two years ago while in Mexico we went on an all day Cat Cruise to Isla Mujeres and it was the best day that we have ever had. There is something so freeing and fun to be out on the water in the sun in the nude. The cruise stopped near a beautiful beach so we could swim. Then took us to a place to snorkel, then sailed on and docked where we got dressed and had lunch and shopped...then back on the boat to sail back to Cancun. It was an amazing fun day. A little shenanagins going on with the booze flowing on the way back but hey, we were all couples/adults!

    I think H3 used to have one but i haven't heard of one in Negril....Does anyone know about this? Has anyone thought of setting one up?

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    Sounds like fun!!! We'd be interested in going if there is one in Negril

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    It would be just great if we could get a bunch together (and find a catamaran for hire. We will be there for 8 nights from Jan. 15 until Jan 23.

    Debbanks...when will you be at CN?

    I think in Cancun there was at least 8 - 10 couples and 4 crew members...the Catamaran was big...and beautiful! What an awesome time that was.

    Hoping there is something like this in Negril.

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    Arriving at Tower Isle January 15th for 5 nights. would definitely be interested in cruise.

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    Default I did the Research Last Year

    Email me
    And I can share with you who I found with regards to hiring a private catamaran. I did the research a year ago and found a company you could hire. I know that the MB does not allow us to post vendors.
    It looks "doable if you have enough people willing spilt the cost.

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    We were at CTI Dec. 11-23. The Water Sports guys came around to the couples on TI and informed us of a Nude Cruise on Sunday Nights. It was $30 a person, which we thought was too much, so no one signed up. They planned to use the dive boat for the cruises.

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    Thanks bigwillie...talked to dh and he doesn't want to have to hire a private one...would rather just hop on one that is set up and just go when we feel like it but it looks like that is not available..? I have heard that Hedo II has one but it's prob. just for their guests...

    rae dave...that doesn's sound like the same atmosphere as a day-long cruise on a nice catamaran...seeing the coast, stopping to snorkel...etc. We just love to be out on the water and to do so in the nude is fantastic! I think Mexico has it over on Jamaica for that one (might be the only good point I can remember from that vacation)....

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    In doing some research on the all inclusives a while back, it seems the "nude cruise" out of the Hedo resorts (well, resorts when I was looking,) is not actually run by Hedonism. It's essentially a hired out catamaran. Not sure who it was through, though...


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    We're at CTI from 15th Jan and would also be up for a cruise (and more!!)

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    Greetings to all:

    We will not be including any nude cruises at any of our resorts. The only way would be for you to "charter" a cruise. We highly recommend doing this on your own as we will not be responsible for lack of insurances and licenses - UNLESS you book this charter through our tour desk.

    I would suggest that you will not be happy with the charter price due to limited availability of licensed and insured boat operators.

    Couples Resorts

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    Well, it is too bad that there is not enough interest to make this feasible....but thanks to everyone for your input. Instead we will just enjoy what the nude beach at CN has to offer and I'm sure we won't be disappointed!!

    14 more days till we hit the beach!!

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    I returned from Couples TI on Dec 31 and they were planning on having a cruise that night if the weather was permitting ($30/pp), I am awiating feedback from a couple we met on the Island to see if the cruise was a reality.

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    t24177, keep us posted on your feedback from the cruise. Would love to know about this.

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    I would be interested to know how it went too! And IF it went out. I don't know why there is not more interest in these day trips/'s so much fun out on the water in the nude! Unless this type of activity is just too much for an bathers that just want to sunbathe nude? Doesn't anyone think this is a fabulous way to spend part of your vacation??? We had an absolut was my fondest memory from our vacation in Mexico....just wish Jamaica would have some of these trips and my vacation would be out of this world!

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    Last Nov. we stayed at a resort across the street from Hedo. We wanted to go on the Cat. Cruise that the resort was offering, but they didnt have enough people to go. We were given the option to go over to Hedo to take their's. (Hey you only live once right?) It was not suppose to be C/O but it quickly turned into one before we even left the pier. I have to say it was probably the best Cat. cruise I have done. Their official C/O cruise is on friday's. They seemed to be open for outsiders from other resorts to join them. When at CN give Hedo a call. It doesn't hurt to ask.

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    I was on the cat yesterday and the only rhing that would make it better would have been a lack of textiles.

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    I know Spike ( My wife ) was asked numerous times last trip to join the Cat cruise while at the beach and she was topless and she was told "No Problem Mon" but unfortunately we did not have the motion sickness patch with us for her. We will be there late feb and already have the patches so we will see what happens as she doesn't even own a top ( but she has just ordered one to bring just in case she needs it!!!

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    We were at CTI in January 2011. Cat Cruise is not clothing optional. However, Gary from water sports did carry a group on a costal nude cruise in the dive boat for $30 per person. There were about 20 people that went and seemed to have a wonderful time. Ask for Gary.

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    I will tell you this, one year a group of us got together and when on a nude snorkling adventure... It was a blast !!!

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    Hey Jeff, the nude snorkeling adventure sounds fun.....where'd ya book that at? We'll be a CTI the first week in March and I think there'd be enough interest in that. Thanks... Jack

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    Send me an email. My email address is listed above.

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    I'm not sure how much the moderators will post but there is a clothing optional "Wet & Wild" cruise that goes out from the beach in Ocho Rios on Thursdays from 230-5 on the catamaran "Cool Runnings". That should be enough info to find it on the web.

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    Columbo, sorry we'll miss you this year. We have been waiting on a follow up story. How was your trip?

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    I promise to put some thing together early next week.

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