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    Went to San Souci last new years would like to try different one this year thinking of CN your thoughts

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    Not sure about CN but we were married at CSS and have been there numerous times. When we wanted to try something different we went to CSA last year and loved it. Going back this year. The beach is great with white sand and a gradual slope out into the Caribbean with no sea weed. Live starfish can be seen on the bottom at times. Snorkeling was fantastic as the reef near CSS is not all that alive. The pools at CSA are smaller and not used as much because this is a real layed back beach resort. Daily walks on the beach are great. You can walk several miles in each direction as CSA is on the seven mile beach. Catamaran trip down the coast was lots of fun. Our beachfront room had screens but no glass in the windows. Wood louvers provided privacy and daily fresh air but also let in the sounds of the islands at night. Waves and peeping frogs lull you to sleep. Flag service for drinks on the beach and the usual great food make this a good place to consider.

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    Well, since you posted in teh AN section, I assume you want to have access to AN area... CN has an AN area while CSA does not. We will be going to CN for the first time this August. We have been to CSS, CTI and CSA. We REALLY LOVE CSA, we Love CSS and we like CTI... We will see about CN soon. They are all good just that some are better thna others in our BOOK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jman View Post
    Went to San Souci last new years would like to try different one this year thinking of CN your thoughts
    Been to both but REALLY, REALLY love CN. It just seems more intimate as it is smaller. The beach is sooo much nicer and the water in the ocean is warmer. CSS was the first Couples we ever went to. Actually we went the year before Couples bought it. It was a beautiful resort when S.C. owned it. It could only be better as a Couples property. Been on Swept Away property as part of Trading Places and still will be going back to CN for the third time in a row next January. No bad choice with Couples eh.
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    We have been to CTI once, CSS once and 4 times to CN. We love the A/N beach at CN. The beach itself is like no other, and we have met the nicest people there. No, it is not as private as CTI or CSS, but we have never encountered any problems there. Give it a try!

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    We've been to both several times for the holidays. If you are asking about the resort in general we prefer CSS. Nothing wrong with CN, we just like the old world charm and size of CSS. If you are asking about New Years, then CN is way better as far as a gala. Last time there, there were no fewer than 3 lobster tail stations alone and an amazing spread of food that CSS is lacking IMO. You will enjoy CN as we did 6 times before we finally decided to try another Couples.

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