Hi, everybody. DH and I have been to CSA twice and we love Negril's beaches so much. Last year, we switched things up and went to Cancun. It was fun, but I'm craving a return to Jamaica where the beaches are soooo much more beautiful. DH loves CSA, but we were thinking of going to CN this time. Questions for CN lovers and/or guests who have stayed at both:

1. What is the beach like at CN? Is it more or less the same as CSA? I don't want to stay anyplace where the beach is rocky or full of coral.

2. I understand CN has only one pool and it has a swim-up bar. DH and I are quiet and non-drinkers. Does the pool get really rowdy? At CSA, we opted for the pool without the bar and the pool at the fitness center over the one with the swim-up bar.

3. What kind of entertainment is available in the evening? We like the piano bar at CSA, but would be interested in other types of music, too.

4. Is it true that CN is the more mingling resort? We only met one other couple on our last trip to CSA, but, as I said, we tend to keep to ourselves.

5. Are there still a lot of Jamaican specialties on the menus at CN? We eat as much Jamaican food as possible at CSA.

6. Does the crowd demographically tend towards a certain age? We are 50 and 47.

Thanks for your assistance!